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A Day in the Life of a Virtual Office Worker

With more businesses shifting to or considering cloud computing, you might be starting to ask yourself ‘is this the right move for me and my staff?’ You might be questioning how efficient a virtual office…

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How to Benefit from Office 365's Cloud Features

We recommend Microsoft Office 365 to many of our clients because we know that their business will reap the rewards of its many benefits. Benefits like reduced costs, better reliability, improved productivity and robust security….

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Laptop Versus Tablets for business users

Greater choice than ever but which one is best? There’s never been a greater choice of mobile devices. Laptop, tablet and smartphone are form factors which offer immense flexibility. A choice of operating systems offers…

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Office 365 joins the cloud party with more options for letting you work wherever you want

Windows XP has left the building All that is at one time great has to eventually give way to the future. This week it was the turn of Windows XP to find that its days…

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5 ways to assure good relations between IT and the rest of the business

Don’t anyone forget: IT and the core business play on the same team Many will have had experience of how the IT function or department can seem like a bad fit with the core business…

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Benefits of an IT audit

Making IT easier to manage with an audit An IT audit is an essential aspect of successful and efficient IT management. Auditing all of your business technology including routers, switches, firewalls servers, storage, computers, laptops,…

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Rise of the cloud and death of PC and XP make 2014 a busy year

Days of desktop PC numbered Desktop PC sales are believed to have fall by 10.1% during 2013, making it the most “severe yearly contraction on record”, according to research firm IDC (International Data Corporation). This…

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Paralogic named one of Britain’s Best Managed IT Companies for second year running

1st February 2021

For more than 20 years, Paralogic has been working with small and medium sized businesses, providing outstanding IT support that they can rely on. We’re thrilled, therefore, to be named among the best MSPs in…

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Equifax security breach: What if it happened under GDPR?

9th October 2019

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most significant shake up of information security for many years. Despite the toughening of rules and the harsh treatment of companies by regulators and the…

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