Security and You: Simple security extends your Windows XP investment

Is your Windows XP environment a security risk?
Discover how you can extend your XP investment and avoid security risks
By now, your Microsoft Windows XP software will have reached end of life – the cut-off date was 8th April 2014. But what does that mean for the security of your critical applications, given that there will be no new security updates? Well, having the right security in place is more important than ever.
If you haven’t migrated to a newer version of Windows, 7 or 8, because your legacy hardware or applications can only function with XP, what should you do to stay protected?
Don’t worry – you’re not alone. More than 30% of businesses still use XP. So until you are ready to upgrade your desktop environment, there are some simple steps you can take to help you safely extend your Windows XP investment. These include:

  • Removing admin privileges from standard users

For example, only those in the IT team should have admin privileges

  • Protecting against zero-day threats

Ensuring you have storage and buffer overflow protection enabled will help protect you against never-before-seen threats. You can get this functionality with McAfee Host Intrusion Protection for Desktop (HIPS)

  • Keeping unwanted software off your systems

Using dynamic whitelisting ensures that unauthorized software cannot execute on your systems. If an application is not on the whitelist, it is prevented from executing, reported, and the endpoint stays safe. Get this by adding McAfee Application Control to your security suite
Keep your Windows XP investment fully protected
Speak to our specialists today to find out how you can stay protected.


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