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13334048894_001d3e53d1_m (1)5000 employees forced to revert to pen and paper

Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) made national headlines this week following a ransomware attack on 29th January.
The attackers, who were widely misreported to have demanded £1 million to provide the unlock code, turned out to be rather less ambitious. The demand was in fact for just $500 (c. £350). The council refused to pay and LCC staff, supported by security experts, succeeded in restoring systems and data completely, earlier this week.
Significant disruption to LCC operations resulted as the attack forced the workforce of over 5000 employees to revert to manual processes.
LCC head of technology, Julie Hetherington-Smith, said: “People can only use pens and paper, we’ve gone back a few years.” Other reporting suggested the attack was a result of “zero-day malware”, a version of ransomware previously unknown to security experts.

Ransomware attacks widely unreported in private sector

This incident demonstrates that every public and private organisation needs to be on its guard against cyberattacks. Small, medium and large businesses face unprecedented levels of threat from criminal attack. If this truly was a zero-day attack, then it is unlikely it could have been successfully defended. However, many incidences of malware are not zero-day and can be successfully defeated by existing countermeasures.
LLC stood firm in refusing to pay, and this should be applauded. Unfortunately, it is widely believed the crime is under reported in the private sector. Ransom demands are often modest sums that don’t break the bank. Rather than face reputational damage, private companies may elect to pay up, learn their lesson and then pay more attention to security. There is little doubt that this only feeds the hackers ambition and shows such a strategy is effective.

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There are a number of key steps businesses need to take if they are to reduce the risk of being the victim of such an attack.
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