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Cyber crime gang organisational structure revealed by NCSC

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) made the headlines when it launched its London HQ in February. It has the stated objective of using the best data, skills and capabilities to make the UK the safest place in the world to live and work online.

The agency is doing some great work to publicise the scale of the IT security threat by putting out some excellent content aimed at raising awareness. Recently, it published the paper ‘Cyber crime: understanding the online business model’. This is somewhat startling, as it shows the extraordinary attention to detail and dedication that may go into organising such criminal enterprises.

Gangs are serious about hacking so you need to be serious about information security!

The reason why this piece startles us is it reveals the anatomy of a cyber criminal gang. Some gangs are so well thought out, they may be better organised than the IT departments of many legitimate businesses.
The personnel and roles within an organised criminal gang seeking to exploit IT security holes include:

  • Team leader – as in any business, leadership is essential to executing the business plan!
  • Coders – write, update, and plagiarise or modify code to develop malware
  • Network administrators – responsible for ‘robot networks’ of hijacked computers
  • Intrusion specialist – maximises the impact of malware infiltrated on a network
  • Data miner – skills to steal data in bulk and clean it up for sale or criminal exploitation
  • Money specialist – identifies the best way to monetise stolen data sets

Is your IT department as well organised as this? Do they have the right skills and tools to defeat the organised cyber criminal gangs?

Be better organised and prepared with Paralogic

No matter how well organised IT departments of smaller, expanding and mid-sized companies or 10 – 250 people are, the IT security threat is agile and blended. It is often difficult for IT teams to stay on top of security as well as the other support issues that comprise the day-to-day workload.

Paralogic outsourced IT services enables your firm to plug gaps in your resource, skills and technology tools to deliver the continual level of protection you need to defend against the cyber security threat. To see how we can help you get started on the journey towards better data security and minimise risk, simply get in touch.

Click here to download our free guide to better IT security ‘Security by Design – Taking control of GDPR compliance in smaller, expanding and mid-sized businesses’.

To download a free copy of ‘Cyber crime: understanding the online business model’ visit the NCSC website, by clicking here.


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