Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the world’s favourite collaboration system. It combines a number of productivity services to create a secure workspace in which groups of people can work together online. Services include telephony, workplace chat, video meetings, file storage, and desktop applications.

Teams integrates fully with Microsoft 365, provides storage via Azure and shares documents via Sharepoint. Teams also features extensions to enable integration with non-Microsoft products.

Audio Visual Systems

Drawing upon decades of experience, Paralogic designs, supplies and installs a comprehensive range of high-quality AV equipment including video-conferencing suites. Our range of AV products includes large display screens, interactive touchscreens, projectors, PA systems and CCTV.

VoIP Telephony

Voice over IP delivers huge savings for most phone users. Virtual Office is a fully scalable telephony solution with an online portal to allow administrators to quickly change users, numbers and profiles.

Smart call routing automatically connects incoming callers to the right person and instant messaging enables secure inter-company chat. Calls can be recorded and a complete history log is compiled automatically.

Virtual Office integrates with Microsoft Teams to create a complete online collaboration system. Whether in the office, on the road or on the other side of the world, you can work as if you were sitting at your desk.