Hyperconvergence | Paralogic IT

Consolidate Servers

Any number of servers may be consolidated under the HC3 hypervisor management system and new appliances may be added into a running cluster in minutes without downtime.

Reduce Downtime

To maximise resilience, all servers are mirrored and patented technology automatically identifies, mitigates and corrects infrastructure issues in real-time.

Simplify Management

Redundancy, high availability and resilience are inherent in the HC3 system which is highly reliable and more stable than traditional virtualization solutions. VM snapshots can be used to roll back to a previous recovery point and disaster recovery (as a service) is an available option.

Protect Data

HC3 from Scale Computing is a complete virtualisation solution in a single appliance designed to provide the highest levels of data protection. This single cost effective package delivers high performance, rapid deployment, ease-of-use, reliability and seamless scaling.