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Managed Security

An effective security strategy is both essential and complex. It involves a collection of interacting security products, company policies and employee behaviour, as well as statutory requirements including data protection laws.

Managed Security takes care of strategy, security and policy in an ongoing business protection program. A fixed monthly fee covers everything you need to maximise protection against cyber threats including ransomware, data loss and viral attack.


Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a Government backed scheme designed to help organisations protect themselves against a wide range of cyber attacks. The aim of this assessment is to identify readily exploitable vulnerabilities within an organisation’s network which have a high degree of exposure to potential attackers.

Organisations that meet the required standard receive the Cyber Essentials certificate to confirm that cyber security is being addressed effectively and risks from internet-borne threats are mitigated.

CE Certification
Cyber Essentials

Endpoint Security

Conventional antivirus protection is struggling to keep up with today’s threats and attacks on the wide range of devices used by business users. Cloud-based management, with full remote endpoint administration, makes the delivery of global protection highly cost-effective compared to conventional antivirus systems.

For simple networks, Microsoft 365 provides multi-factor authentication for additional security. For hybrid systems, Microsoft Intune allows you to securely manage iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac OS devices with a single solution.

Email Security

A fully integrated subscription service ensures email security and business continuity without the need for additional hardware and software. Benefit from always-on email and protect against sophisticated spear-phishing, ransomware and many other advanced threats.

Website Filtering

An additional layer of web filtering provides protection from sites that host malware or spyware. This service increases real-time protection against known malicious threats, unauthorized network access and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

Administrators can select from more than 80 URL categories to control the types of websites that users are able to access. Granular reporting provides complete visibility and control of Internet access.

Device Management

Paralogic’s WatchOverIT service constantly monitors your network to identify issues and maintain the health of your computers. Devices are regularly scanned and detailed reports are produced automatically. In this way, we ensure that all computers are secure and constantly updated with the latest software.

Security Training

Cybercriminals target end users. Security awareness training is an important part of security management that teaches employees about risks, best practice and regulatory compliance. A structured training program for all users will greatly reduce the risk of loss through cyber attack.