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Voice Cloud

Paralogic’s Voice Cloud is a fully scalable telephony solution packed with advanced features to help you manage your business more efficiently. This system can accommodate desk, mobile and low-cost SIP phones, all with a single phone number for each user.

Artificial intelligence is used to predict peaks of activity and trigger workflows to manage the load, ideally suited to busy call centres. Intelligent call routing learns to connect incoming callers to certain individuals which boosts the first call resolution rate and consequently the overall customer experience.


Business Telephony


An online portal allows administrators to manage the network quickly and easily. Users, numbers and system settings can all be updated in minutes and this greatly reduces support costs.


Call centre functionality includes CRM integration, speed dialling, call recording and activity reports. Call queues are managed automatically and interactive voice response (IVR) may be used to direct incoming calls.


Voice Cloud integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Teams to create a world-class business communication system. Key benefits include simplified administration, better functionality and lower cost minute packages.