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voip_phoneThe significance of the cloud in driving business efficiency today

Perhaps the single most significant development in business technology over the past 10 years or so has been the trend for cloud solutions. Cloud has come into its own as the credit crunch led to the drying up of capital in the shape of bank loans, and then precipitated a global economic recession of ‘biblical’ proportions, that meant for many, real growth was hard to find. (We know it doesn’t mention anything about global economic recessions in the Bible, but you catch the drift!)
Pulling up on static or falling bottom lines was something which for some businesses could only be achieved by stripping out deadwood and inefficiency. The cloud enabled high efficiency by reducing or zeroing CAPEX and achieving reduced TCO. Many cloud-based, online applications also leveraged software automation to improve human efficiency, ultimately amplifying the ROI.

Why VoIP plays a critical role in enabling business operations

In parallel with the trend for cloud is the trend for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). This digital voice communication technology has proved truly compelling allowing voice calls to be made over data networks through internet connections. This eliminates point to point call connection charges wherever the call is handled by computing devices and doesn’t need to be routed through conventional phone systems or mobile networks.
Indeed with the backbone of much global voice communication is already entirely IP based, it is somewhat inaccurate to describe VoIP as a ‘trend’. It is her to stay, at least until the next wave of network technologies comes up with something better.

Benemen + Paralogic = Outstanding business communications

Combining the cloud and VoIP together creates powerful communications solutions for businesses. Benemen’s Unified Communications solution, provided from the Benecloud platform, is one of the most well thought out, fully featured and cost effective. It fully integrates devices such as smartphones, tablets, softphones (on a PC) as well as conventional desk handsets. It brings together a variety of communication channels including voice, Instant Messaging, videoconferencing and email. It integrates Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business, making it one of the most comprehensive business communications solutions on the market.
Paralogic partners with Benemen to deliver communications solutions that deliver flexibility that fits very well with the way smaller, expanding and mid-sized companies work today. Whether people are in the office, in remote workplaces or on the move, Benemen Unified Communications provide seamless communications across channels.
The solution optimises contact between your customers, clients and staff as well as internal collaboration between employees and collaborative engagements with third-parties and partners. Benemen indicates ‘presence’ – availability – and routes communications through the most appropriate channel for making contact.
Take the first steps to a Benemen Unified Communication solution today and get a fully integrated and seamless communication that fits with the way we all work today fill in the form on the right or call us on 01844 293 330.
To find out more about the VoIP business services market download our free paper ‘Cloud telephony FAQ: A buyer’s guide’.
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