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benemen_unified_communicationAffordable Unified Communications for the way we work today

Many will have come across Unified Communications or UC which is a system which brings together the channels, devices and locations of business communication. Early incarnations of UC were aimed at large enterprise organisations with deep pockets.
In parallel with practically every aspect of computing, the cloud has revolutionised how businesses of all sizes provision for technology tools. Primarily:

  • Smaller, expanding and mid-sized organisations can now enjoy the same benefits from sophisticated solutions as the largest enterprises
  • Eliminating CAPEX and moving to a consumption model and paying monthly and shifting the cost centre to OPEX now makes such solutions affordable for many more businesses

For more than a decade UC has been steadily developed on cloud platforms and refined to the point where cloud based UC offers the functionality, quality and reliability that businesses need to form communications.

Benemen: A mid-sized business with a great big solution!

Benemen delivers integrated, cloud based, business aligned communications solutions that help organisations to increase their customer satisfaction, enhance efficiency, improve productivity and lower the costs of their enterprise communications.
Working alongside with Microsoft Office 365 and Skype for Business Benemen’s solutions replace the traditional PBX and contact centre software and unify all communication channels of an organisation into one single platform, turning enterprise communications into a key business driver instead of a cost factor.

Benemen Unified Communications from Paralogic

Paralogic works in partnership with Benemen to provide cloud-based UC solutions that today’s businesses need. From PBX phone systems for the office, integrated messaging and email as well as conferencing and true mobile integration a Benemen solution from Paralogic provides communications flexibility for the ways smaller, expanding and mid-sized companies work today.
The days of traditional approaches to telephony that centre on a physical, on-premise PBX phone systems used in conjunction non-integrated as well as bolted on point solutions are numbered. BT is to end ISDN services which connect on-premise PBXs to the main voice communication networks, within 10 years, so it makes no sense now to replace one PBX with another one.
To find out how you can move over to a Benemen Unified Communication solution and increase efficiency and productivity of your employees, simply get in touch. Just fill in the form on the right or call us on 01844 293 330.
Click here to download our free paper ‘Cloud telephony FAQ: A buyer’s guide’.


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