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Flexible IT Support in Reading, shaped around your business

Paralogic Networks offers IT support services to businesses in and around Reading. Our aim is to give you the support you need based on an individual assessment of your requirements.

While our IT support services come at affordable rates, we don’t stop at providing an SLA. We work hard to earn your business’ trust, which is why we’re the preferred choice for IT services in the Reading area.

Businesses of different sizes and working in different sectors require their own customised IT solutions. Paralogic Networks work with you to determine what is is your business requires, and how we do this within your budget. Find out more about the services we offer to businesses in Reading of different sizes below.

Smaller Businesses

Your small business (of up to 25 people) is less likely to have a member with the specialist skills required to effectively troubleshoot IT problems. Our experience with small businesses is vast, meaning we can always be trusted to solve any issues.

Expanding Businesses

Your business is growing, and your team needs time and energy to continue building on your successes. A limited in-house support team means wasted time and a lack of the structured approach necessary for a successful IT strategy. Our experience with expanding businesses means we can give you all the support you need.

Mid Sized Businesses

In your business of 100+ people the fundamentals of IT support are possibly taken of. However, while there may be an internal IT team you could save direct and indirect costs by letting experts solve both short term resource problems or longer term strategic solutions.


No two businesses are alike, which is why Paralogic Networks always offers bespoke IT support solutions to meet the needs of our clients. IT products from our partners, including Microsoft Office 365 and Mimecast, make businesses more efficient and effective. We provide the expertise to help you transition.

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To find out more about how we help smaller, expanding and mid-sized businesses with IT support requirements in Reading, call 01844 293330 or email and start benefiting from the services of a trusted technology partner today.