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Flexible IT Support in the Oxford area, shaped around your business

Paralogic IT works in the Oxford area, supporting smaller and expanding businesses, alongside large corporations, offering a range of IT solutions that will work with your budget. We aim to build trust with our partners from day one, helping you to find the best IT solution for your requirements, with services starting at £10/user.

Smaller Businesses

If you’re a smaller business of up to 25 people, you’re unlikely to have someone with enough specialised skills to locate, troubleshoot and maintain your potential IT problems. We possess extensive experience in solving smaller businesses’ problems effectively.

Expanding Businesses

Your expanding business may have basic IT support already. However, it is likely to be fairly limited. Paralogic provides specialists who possess the skills and knowledge base to assist your small support team who may find themselves putting out fires instead of trying find a structured way to learn and develop new skills. Paralogic’s IT specialists will also help you find a strategic way to develop your IT systems.

Mid Sized Businesses

Your IT support could be mostly covered within a business of 100 people or more, but you’ll still need some in-depth IT support. This will include high level server issues or a need for overflow support. Whatever your IT support’s specific needs are, for example a quick solution to a short-term problem, or a longer term strategic plan, Paralogic will provide the solution.


All businesses are unique and so Paralogic aims to support the individual needs of every client. To be sure that we provide efficient and effective solutions, we create customised support packages. For example, we provide solutions such as Microsoft Office 356 Migration and Scale, providing specialist knowledge to assist your transition, making it as easy as possible.

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To find out more about how we help smaller, expanding and mid-sized businesses with IT support requirements in Oxford, call 01844 293330 or email and start benefiting from the services of a trusted technology partner today.