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Reliable IT support that fits your needs and your budget

We offer expert IT support from £10/user that goes beyond just meeting an SLA. Our clients’ trust is our biggest asset which we have earned over time by combining expert knowledge with outstanding service. Our IT services suit businesses of all sizes and in all industries throughout Hampshire.

Every business has special requirements. We offer solutions that are engineered around these needs – starting with an in-depth consultation to understand as much as we can about your business.

Smaller Businesses

We have many clients that are smaller businesses of up to 25 people. Smaller companies may lack the specialised skills required to maintain and troubleshoot IT problems effectively. Paralogic’s vast experience in helping smaller businesses means we are able to quickly and efficiently solve any IT problems.

Expanding Businesses

While expanding businesses of 25 – 100 people may have an in-house support capability, it may be limited. A support team of 1 or 2 people frequently find themselves fire-fighting rather than developing a clear IT strategy for IT systems. Paralogic’s IT support specialists have the skills and knowledge to deliver effective and affordable IT systems and support plans that can grow with your business.

Mid Sized Businesses

In businesses of 100+ people many of the fundamentals of IT support are taken care of by an internal IT team. But sometimes there are specific IT requirements that need to be outsourced. This may include such items as high level server and application support or various overflow services. Whether it’s a reactive solution to solve a short term resource problem or a longer term strategic issue, Paralogic has the capability to meet the specific IT support needs of all mid-sized business.


Paralogic creates bespoke IT support solutions to meet the individual needs of each client. No two businesses are identical so customised support packages ensure that our services provide the support you need. Solutions such as Microsoft Teams and Scale Hyperconvergence help businesses to become more efficient and effective. Paralogic provides the specialised expertise to help you make the transition. Why not see how easy we can make it?

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To find out more about how we help smaller, expanding and mid-sized businesses with IT support requirements in Aylesbury, call 01844 293330 or email and start benefiting from the services of a trusted technology partner today.