Win, win, win: The benefits of managed print services

Image thanks to Danilo Rizzuti from freedigitalphotos.netFor quite a few years now, devices have been getting smarter. One area which has seen major developments is printer technology. Through a combination of internet connection and embedded web servers within printing devices, the field of managed print services has developed.
Traditionally, printing devices are managed using the break-fix service model. That is, when it goes wrong, a call is put in for a service call.
Managed printer service providers operate pro-actively, remotely monitoring your printing and multi-function devices over the internet. This enables service providers to schedule routine maintenance and minimises printer breakdowns.
Here are some of the benefits that managed print services bring to smaller, expanding and mid-sized businesses.

1.   Strategic approach optimises print device fleet and usage

A managed print service provider is able to intelligently analyse your printing needs and assess whether your printer fleet is appropriate to these needs. Analysis may identify unnecessary devices, wasteful printing behaviour or options for consolidating or replacing some or all of your fleet. It’s a strategic approach that every business should adopt if it is serious about reducing unnecessary costs.

2.   Timely maintenance calls and less breakdowns

Printing devices have essential and major components with a specified service life. Remote monitoring identifies when service life limits are reached and components need servicing or replacement. This happens while the device is still operational. Users do not have to wait until the device fails and be inconvenienced while waiting for it to be repaired.

3.   Timely restocking of consumables

Remote monitoring shows the remaining levels of paper and toner loaded in the printers. Restocking orders can be automated when preset levels are reached. This reduces your storage space requirements and the amount of cash you have tied up in consumable stock.

4.   Reduce the cost of consumables

Managed print services save on the cost of paper and toner or ink by as much as 25% in print intensive office environments such as professional services businesses like legal firms. Some of this is through print efficiency such as standardising duplex (double-sided) printing. Some is through reducing spoiled prints and copies due to faults.

5.   Reduce the cost of support for printer issues

Managed print services reduce the cost of support by up to 40% when looking at issues related to printing/copy/fax/scanning on multifunction printers in environments providing healthcare.

6.   Reduce the need for help desk calls related to printer issues

Managed print services reduce the number of support calls to help desks for print-related calls by up to 52% in environments such as financial services businesses. Internal support teams have more time to devote to more important support issues and management tasks.

7.   Better cost control

Managed print services offer better cost control by enabling a fixed cost approach to printing. In the traditional break-fix model, costs were calculated on the basis of the number of pages printed. Managed print services enable an alternative approach where you can fix your monthly costs.
If you want to know more about any aspect of managed print services for your smaller, expanding and mid-sized business, please contact us and we’ll be glad to see if we can help. Simply fill in the form on the right or call us on 01844 293 330.
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