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No matter the type of industry you’re in or the size of your company currently, growing a business is hard. To do it effectively, you need the best tools at your disposal, wherever possible.
It’s harder now than it’s ever been, as the modern worker demands a variety of options and flexibility from their employer. This is one of the reasons why the skills gap shortage is another hot topic for 2016.
But just because the “9-to-5” worker may be a thing of the past, doesn’t mean that your business has to suffer because of it. In fact, a diverse workforce — including homeworkers, temporary staff and freelancers — can be a great benefit to your business; they can help you grow effectively, whilst reducing risk!

Helping homeworkers and managing freelancers

Along with the benefits brought by a diverse workforce, there are also a number of challenges. Chief of those is how to provide those homeworkers and temporary staff with the tools they need to work efficiently, whilst still being able to manage and oversee them efficiently.
That’s where Microsoft Office 365 can help, and why we’ve put together this helpful guide on: “Meeting the needs of your staff and growing your business: How Office 365 can help support home office workers.”
In it, we explain exactly why you need cloud-based software like Office 365 to support your expanding team and maintain the control you need for safety and security reasons. Because although a diverse workforce can be a huge asset to your company, their needs have to be met in order for them to be able to work effectively.
These include: accessing the programs they need; collaborating with the rest of the team on documents; and being trusted with sensitive company information.

Secure growth with Office 365

Thankfully, Microsoft Office 365 can do all of this, along with a number of other features too. Our guide takes a closer look at how Office 365 addresses the common problems associated with homeworkers and freelancers such as:

  • Providing data safely to all types of workers, wherever they might be, via a secure cloud network
  • Negating the fear of sensitive information being disclosed, with full control retained and safeguards put in place
  • Giving access to a wide variety of programs and applications, without the expensive and rigid associated purchase costs
  • Ensuring communication is simple and easy at all times
  • Protecting hard drives and important files, even when they’re located out of the office

Homeworkers, freelancers and temporary staff can all be used to help your business grow, but only if you have the right tools in place to support them. These tools should also have suitable safeguards in place to ensure your business is protected too, so that the growth is secure at all times.
Microsoft Office 365 could be one of those tools you need. Read our guide to find out exactly how it could help you get the full potential out of a diverse workforce to help your company expand.
Download the full guide on using Microsoft Office 365 to support homeworkers and freelancers here.
Once you’ve read the guide, if you haven’t yet switched to Office 365 or you’d like some more help utilising all it’s features, simply fill in the form on the right, or call us here at Paralogic Networks on 01844 293330, and we’ll be more than happy to help.


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