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Many businesses will freely acknowledge their business is operating on an older IT system, and will agree that upgrading would be in their interest. But the cost of updating all their equipment and technology is simply off putting.
If a customised system was put in place when you first established your business, the cost of updating all of that seems daunting; simultaneously, figuring out exactly what was installed and what needs to be changed fills you with dread.
It’s easy to know the cost of new IT system; it’s right there on a quote in front of you and is usually fairly substantial.
But you don’t know the cost of continuing work on outdated equipment. That longer term, cumulative cost. A cost that’s often much greater than upgrading.
Older computers cost your staff valuable hours
Productivity losses are common with outdated IT systems. If you work out the worth of a single member of staff per hour, and add up the number of minutes and hours they lose with technology problems, you’ll find the cost is worryingly high.
First and foremost is the downtime experienced when something does go wrong? Blue screens, programs unexpectedly quitting, and manual restarts all add up. And then of course there are the problems that can’t be fixed by staff.
One small business survey for Techaisle found that the average number of hours lost to repair an old PC (older than 4 years) is 42.
Total that with other PCs in your business, and you could easily being losing one working week a year with outdated technology.
Outdated technology limits compatibility and processes
How long have you spent trying to figure out how to open certain documents on an older computer? When clients send you files in newer formats, if you’re using outdated software you might not be able to open them.
That leaves you trying to figure out ways around, downloading programs from the internet which you cannot trust, and seeking out an administrator to authorise installation on the PC. This all adds up to costly, wasted time.
You may also be stuck with old manual processes. Newer technology embraces automatic processes making work a whole lot easier. Old systems have limitations, and cannot run the new protocols which modern technology permits.
You could be wasting staff time on manual procedures when your competitors have automated processes and made their business more efficient and cost effective.
Put simply, older technology just lacks the same level of functionality as newer models. Your business could be without the features and third party apps that others in your field are using.
Outdated IT technology is not user friendly, and you may find you are training staff to use an old system, that may seem backward, counter intuitive, and a waste of money.
Exposing your business to security breaches
Older technology has another hidden cost too. Data loss and security breaches.
Without support from IT providers and software updates, your systems could be much more susceptible to bugs, viruses and even security attacks. It’s estimated that over 70% of malware can be avoided with up to date software and technology.
As technology advances, you’re increasingly likely to find that your systems are no longer supported, as we’ve seen with Windows Server 2003, which dramatically increases the cost of support, protection and repairs.
The costs soon add up
Put all these factors together and the cost of using outdated systems soon begin to grow, and quickly exceed the cost of upgrading with new technology.
Wasted hours, data loss, and generally increased costs to run, support and fix old computers could be causing your business to lose money unnecessarily.
A survey of SMEs found that it costs twice as much, on average, to repair systems older than 4 or 5 years.
And there’s the cost to customers’ impressions of your business too. If a client sees your outdated technology, they may assume your company is outdated too, and leave for a competitor.
It’s impossible to put a figure on the cost of outdated IT Solutions, but rest assured, all told, it’s an expensive one.
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