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When your business is expanding, or you need to have a change of location, moving office is a necessary evil. The key is to minimise any business downtime wherever possible. Any loss of operational capability could have knock on effects on your customers and the services that you provide to them.
That’s something you need to avoid wherever possible.
Having the internet established and working when you arrive in a new office is likely then to be one of the most important essentials in an office move, next to running water and a toilet! So you need to allow enough time for telephony services to be installed, it is not uncommon for a line to take 6 weeks to delivery and up to three months for an Ethernet broadband line.
Plan ahead before you move
Choosing your new office space is no easy task; lots of research should be carried out into all manner of variables, and the decision should be made carefully. Alongside all the usual requirements you’ll have when deciding on a new location, there are some specific IT considerations you should take into account as well.
Don’t assume that everything will be in place for you. Even something as basic as internet access is not guaranteed.

  1. Is there enough power in the building? Most commercial properties won’t have a problem powering your IT equipment, but if you rely on a large IT system with intensive computing and processing, it’s worth checking this out.
  1. Does the office have sufficient space for all the workstations you want? Can you see all your staff’s computers fitting? On top of that, you should also make sure you’ll have room to store printers and photocopies and house any servers or other equipment that you use.
  1. Look out for power sockets, and access points for data cabling. If there aren’t enough of these, you’ll have to factor in the cost of providing additional outlets.
  1. Enquire about the wiring and cabling too. There may be existing wiring running throughout the office which you can adapt to your needs, but it might be that you’ll need to have someone lay data and phone cabling throughout the whole office to ensure everyone can connect.
  1. On that note, you should also check that the type of connectivity you want is actually available. Depending on the location, there may not be access to a certain service provider, and wireless activity can struggle in particular building types. Fibre optic broadband cabling might not be installed either, as it isn’t available in all parts of the UK.

Preparing for the office transition
Preparing your IT equipment in advance is not always possible, as these are the last things you’ll be working from and need to stay active until the actual moving day.
You can however make sure you have all the necessary packing materials ready and waiting. It’s vital that computer equipment is stored correctly, tightly packed and safely transported.
There’s a tendency for some businesses, particularly smaller ones, to think they could transport a few computers themselves. But ask yourself just how valuable the equipment is, and think about how fragile hard drives can be. Is data loss worth the risk?
Make sure your service provider and phone supply company know about your move dates well in advance, so that everything is in place when you arrive in the new office and you’re not waiting for any connections or supplies to be re-routed.
The benefits of IT support when moving
Having experts on hand to decommission all the IT equipment in your old office, and then set everything up again in the new location can take a load off your mind.
Once you’re in the new office, you’ll need to make sure all the wires get plugged back into the correct ports. One misplaced connection can make all the difference between full operational capability and blank screens. Then you should configure all DNS settings, test all the routers are functioning, and establish appropriate firewalls for your business.
It’s all a hassle that you don’t need to deal with.
Even having someone on had to ensure simple things like the Wi-Fi functioning correctly can reduce the stress and worries of a move and help ensure everything goes to plan.
Plus, an office move can also be a good time to think about any potential upgrades you might have been researching over the past few months. If you’re moving to a new office because your business is expanding, now is the ideal opportunity to make sure your IT solutions will be future proof as you grow.
Let Paralogic provide IT support for your office move
Safety and security are at the forefront of all our services, and we’ll make sure that your IT equipment is transported safely to your new offices and fully commissioned for when you arrive.
Our end-to-end service handles everything from the moment your staff shut down their computers and leave their desks in one location, to the time when they sit down in the new office and power up their machines.
We oversee the entire operation so that nothing is missed, misplaced or forgotten, ensuring no valuable or private documents are left sitting on a building network and that all your systems are fully operational before we leave.
With our UK wide coverage, we can meet all your deadlines and take the stress out of moving your IT equipment.
Simply fill in the form on the right, or call us on 01844 293330, and we’ll be more than happy to help you plan a stress-free office move.
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