Microsoft Windows 8.1 now ready for business

Microsoft has got it right!

It’s been around 6 months since Microsoft updated Windows to 8.1. This is now bedded in and finally seems to have silenced the critics of the original release. The consensus seems to be that Microsoft has finally got it right and in our opinion it is ready for business.

5 tips to help users make the switch to Windows 8.1

There’s no escaping that Windows 8.1 is different. So here are some tips to help you customise the interface and make the change more easily.
1. Go to the desktop when starting the computer – Windows 8.1 is built on the Metro UI (User Interface) design style, using ‘big buttons’ or tiles. Windows 8.1 computers default to the tile layout when you first start them up. If this is a problem you can change it by selecting the ‘Desktop’ tile, right-clicking the taskbar and selecting ‘Properties’. On the ‘Navigation’ tab, choose the option ‘Go to the desktop instead of Start when I sign in’.
2. Customise the tile menu – The ‘Tile Menu’ is the equivalent of ‘All Programs’ under the ‘Start Menu’ in previous versions of Windows. You can pin programs and apps in your order of preference and add or remove applications.
3. Pin Frequently Used Programs to the taskbar – get one click access by pinning favourite programs to the taskbar by simply right-clicking and choosing the option.
4. Get to know Windows 8.1 keyboard Shortcuts – There are new keyboard ‘Shortcuts’ so if you like to save time by whizzing around the computer by using the keyboard make sure you learn them.
5. Bring back Windows 7 (if you must!) – If ‘very important users’ (such as the Big Boss!) are particularly adamant about having a more traditional look and feel to Windows, there are a number of add-ons that can provide a ‘Classic Shell’. Be careful though. It’s at your own risk as these may not be supported by Microsoft…
Advice on the best out of your mobile devices from Paralogic
If you are think it’s time to get off Windows 7 call Paralogic today. We can help you with advice and services for upgrading to Windows 8.1. Whether you are a smaller, expanding or mid-sized business, we can provide expert help in upgrading existing devices or migrating to Windows 8.1 on new hardware. Simply fill in the form on the right or call us on 01844 293 330.
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