Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 now end of life

Not that old

Microsoft Small Business Server 2011 (SBS 2011) is not actually that old, but Microsoft is dropping it. This has implications for all small businesses that run Exchange servers in-house.
The price point of SBS was designed to make it more affordable to small businesses. With SBS 2011 discontinued, if smaller businesses want to run Exchange Server in-house, the product options that enable this cost significantly more than SBS 2011. Small businesses are going to find that hosting the email platform means having to pay roughly twice as much for the privilege.

Strategic move by Microsoft

There is little doubt among market analysts and channel experts that the move is strategically motivated. It’s clear to many that Microsoft is using pricing to shape the decision making of small businesses. With SBS essentially a legacy product, the option to run Exchange as an in-house service is now only economically viable to larger businesses.
Although outwardly there doesn’t appear to be a direct conflict, while SBS remained part of the product line up, opting for Exchange in-house was affordable to smaller businesses. This may have been reducing the uptake of Office 365. With SBS 2011 no longer an easy option, Office 365 is now positioned as the natural choice and the most cost effective too.

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Smaller businesses that are impacted by SBS being discontinued need not worry. They may find it highly beneficial to engage with a service provider that is experienced in Office 365 migration. However, not all Office 365 migrations are successful and one of the reasons is the poor performance of the service provider that manages migration.
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