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Support for Windows 7 issues no longer free

Last April Microsoft ended support for Windows XP after some 13 years. And today, 13th January 2015, Microsoft terminated free support for Windows 7. It will continue to provide updates and patches for security vulnerabilities until 14 January 2020. Microsoft will continue to provide assistance with problems on a chargeable basis.
Released in 2009, the operating system is still widely used and is believed to be running around 55 per cent of the world’s PCs. Given it is so successful, why have Microsoft diverted Windows 7 down the dead-end to obsolescence on its technology road map?

Not had Windows 7 for long – don’t worry

If XP survived 13 years, surely Windows 7 still has a lot of life in it yet? Many businesses suffered anxiety as the termination of Windows XP loomed last year and migrated to Windows 7. Why has Windows 7 support ended so soon after?
Perhaps Microsoft does not wish to get caught up in such a large scale and long running product support saga again? Or perhaps it is just being more pro-active in stimulating sales?
Whatever the reason, don’t worry – there’s no need for urgent action.
It is worth remembering though that migration is seldom something that is achieved at the flick of a switch. It needs thought and planning and the best advice now is to look at life after Windows 7 and ensure migration is somewhere on your roadmap within the next 5 years.
For any business that wants to be ahead of the curve in getting off Windows 7, Windows 10 is due in mid-2015, and is set to unite Microsoft Operating Systems across the desktop/laptop, tablet and mobile. The smart money will wait for the inevitable 10.1 Service Pack which will probably follow sometime around Q1 2016.

Help and planning for life after Windows 7 with Paralogic

Paralogic is able to help with your Windows 7 problems as well as advising and providing migration services to forthcoming Windows releases. More recent versions of Windows offer improved integration with Microsoft cloud services such as Office 365, something that is particularly beneficial for Microsoft productivity application business users.
For help and advice simply call Paralogic on 01844 293 330 or fill in the form on the right. One of the team will be right back to you as soon as possible.


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