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OutsourcingSupporting business critical technology in today’s businesses

One conventional wisdom for today’s businesses is to concentrate on core areas of practice and farm out as much as possible to other specialist companies that are better geared to deliver the service required at a lower price point than you could achieve with internal resources.

When it’s things like cleaning and building maintenance services, the logic is clear for smaller, mid-sized and expanding businesses. However, when it comes to IT support, many companies have failed to take the same approach.

In part, this is due to the complexity of IT and other factors, like the desire to retain direct control of the technology function, which is business critical for most firms today. Consequently, some companies balk at the thought of outsourcing IT support lock, stock and barrel to an external service provider.

IT support: A mature services market

However, the IT support services market is tiered and well adapted to accommodate a range of customer requirements, because it follows a maturity model. In a nutshell these are:

Tier 1 – Break-fix

This is a service that provides support when a problem is identified. This often suits larger companies, although not exclusively so.

Tier 2 – Contracted Ad-hoc

Most smaller, mid-sized and expanding businesses avoid break-fix and opt for the next tier up. A relationship may be established with a service provider and services are pre-paid. This may take the form of an account which is credited through direct payment and debited as services are provided, or through a fully paid annual contract.

Tier 3 – Managed Services

Obtaining IT Support as a Managed Service from an external provider is becoming increasingly attractive to businesses. Such engagements are often characterised as strong, enduring relationships with high levels of trust.

Offloading the requirement and contracting to obtain support from a specialist third-party with more extensive resources and a greater depth of technical knowledge is often the best option for businesses with limited IT resources and a high dependence on technology.

Get IT support that’s right for your business from Paralogic

Paralogic caters for different requirements with these IT support services:

Break Fix/Hardware support

Paralogic Break Fix/Hardware support IT services remotely monitor hardware, enabling us to predict faults and respond before failure if possible. Our range of flexible break fix IT support services ensures the right solution is in place for the budgetary needs of your business.


Paralogic ResolveIT offers pay-per-hour cover where you purchase hours in advance. This is ideal for covering a broad range of scenarios when you need access to IT expertise such as support, or to cover gaps in IT staffing.


Paralogic WatchOverIT is our remote monitoring solution that enables us to keep a close eye on your entire network. In many cases, this enables us to identify problems before they occur or minimise the impact of sudden failure or outages by taking immediate action.

Network Care Managed Service Plan

Paralogic Network Care Managed Service Plan is for smaller and expanding businesses that want to outsource management and support of IT services because it makes business sense. It’s simply more efficient and enables closer focus on the core business.

To see how Paralogic helps you run a more efficient business with the IT support solution that’s right for your needs, simply get in touch today, fill in the form, or call us on 01844 293 330.

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