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partner (00000002)When we took a look at some of the top IT predictions for 2016, the proliferation of cloud-based technology and software was right up at the top. And one of the biggest factors for this is the continued rise of Microsoft Office 365.
It’s already transformed the operations of millions of small businesses, as is evident by its triple growth sales figures year on year since its launch, and the experience we’ve seen with many of our own customers.
And as more and more SMEs make the switch from desktop towards the cloud, Office 365 is the perfect place to begin. With a suite of applications available when you need them, and the ability to add and remove users whenever you want, it’s ideal for the growing company that needs flexibility and reliability.
We’ve already discussed some of the many benefits Office 365 provides, so once you’ve made the decision to switch, how do you migrate?

The importance of a good service provider

The key thing to remember when you’re ready to migrate to Office 365 is that you choose the right service provider for your business. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide on ‘How to find a partner you can work with on your Microsoft Office 365 migration.’
In order to benefit from everything Office 365 has to offer – and that’s quite a lot – you need to ensure that you’re working with a service provider who has both extensive expertise and vast experience with Office 365, and with other IT systems and applications too.
That’s because in the first instance, they should be looking carefully at your existing setup to check that a migration is possible, and help you decide whether it is in fact the right thing to do.
This guide looks at the importance of that first decision, as well as a number of other factors you should consider when you’re looking for the right provider to work with on migration, including:

  • Making sure you get help and advice on choosing the best subscription plan from the start
  • Checking whether or not the Office 365 contract will be in your name, or the name of your provider
  • Asking if your chosen partner provides good post-migration support, and
  • Why it’s important to select a provider with PowerScript expertise

Download the full guide on finding a partner to support your Microsoft Office 365 migration here.
Have a read of the guide, and then if you have any questions about Microsoft Office 365, choosing the right provider, or how you should go about getting started, just give us a call on 01844 293330 or send us an email using the form on the right.


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