Focus On: Network security

A constantly evolving threat environment

From time to time on the Paralogic blog we focus on one area where our services help clients to obtain the best value from technology. This week we thought we’d take a look at network security solutions.
With our dependence on technology today, it is of little surprise that anything which impacts the correct functioning of our IT systems threatens the smooth operation of our business and the satisfaction of our clients.
The threat environment today is characterised as agile, because it constantly evolving. New viruses and other malicious code packages are appearing all the time; infection by criminally motivated spyware is widespread; and corporate as well as state sponsored internet hacking to obtain intellectual property (IP) is rife.
Although it’s a major point of focus, it is not just the Internet that we have to worry about. To produce a coherent response to the problem of providing network security requires a structured approach and a strategic outlook.

Integrated threat management – a strategic approach

Underlying the objective of achieving effective network security is the principle of integrated threat management. To ensure that businesses minimise the risk from threats which disrupt operations, a good integrated threat management strategy should consider the following elements:

  • A robust firewall solution that provides Unified Threat Management
  • Strong anti-virus software and Internet Security Software
  • Use strong passwords and change them on a bi-weekly/monthly basis
  • Use a robust password for wireless connections
  • Improve the knowledge and training of network administrators or IT managers on internet security vulnerabilities
  • Raise awareness about physical security to employees
  • Use VPNs or Virtual Private Networks, to secure internet connections between a main office and remote offices or home workers
  • Clear employee guidelines or policies to govern internet usage, including access to non-work related websites and the sending and receiving of information
  • Individual user accounts to log on to the network and access the Internet with monitoring for accountability
  • Develop a policy governing back-ups and data recovery to prevent data loss if a security breach changes, corrupts or deletes data

Paralogic delivers value from network security solutions

Paralogic provides expert network security services which enable this basic menu of integrated threat management items to be modified and fitted to the needs of smaller, expanding and mid-sized businesses.
Essentially, delivering value from a network security solution is about optimising the trade off between security, risk and cost. Budget too much and your money is wasted; budget too little and you are more vulnerable – Paralogic helps you to get the balance right. Our strategic approach and knowledge of the technology road map enables us to provide effective network security solutions that deliver value while dealing sensibly with risk.
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