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For those users who have all kinds of emails piling up unread in their inboxes, the Clutter feature on Office 365 could be just what you need.
As an extra addition to your spam folder, Clutter categorises those emails that you never or rarely open and read. The emails might not necessarily be spam; they are from legitimate sources and businesses, but they’re messages you simply aren’t interested in.
They could be:

  • Sales emails from software companies
  • Social media updates
  • News site summaries
  • Or any other emails you’ve signed up for but never read

What does Clutter do
Clutter gets to know your actions and preferences when using Outlook, and determines those emails that you are likely to ignore.
Using a sophisticated system called Office Graph, it learns how you work and identifies those emails that you open and value above others. Those which you ignore become less important and are categorised as clutter and moved out of your inbox.
It does this by analysing, amongst other things:

  • The source of the email
  • The type of content
  • How you are addressed in the email

Essentially it gives you breathing room in your inbox, allowing you to focus on the emails that matter.
How do you use it?
Clutter is really easy to use. You teach and train the software by simply carrying on with your work as normal.
It automatically detects those emails that you don’t care about, and places them in your clutter folder.
Clutter does take a bit of time to understand how you work, but you can help train it and speed up the process by moving mail you don’t want to read into the Clutter folder yourself.
The more emails you drag into Clutter, the faster the system learns what it should be doing.
If Clutter gets an email wrong, simply move the message back into your inbox, and Clutter will learn from its mistake and change how it operates moving forward.
How to turn Clutter on
Clutter is turned off in Office 365 by default. To activate it, you need to go the settings menu in the Outlook Web App (OWA).
It cannot be turned on or off in Outlook desktop clients.
In OWA, go to:

  • Settings > Options > Mail > Automatic processing > Clutter
  • Select “Separate items identified as Clutter”
  • Click Save

Get Clutter for your business
All mail marked as ‘Clutter’ just stays in the Clutter folder. There’s no default clean up actions like the spam folder, so you won’t lose any emails. It also respects any existing organisation rules you have for your inbox.
It won’t categorise emails from yourself or anyone in your organisation as Clutter either, and you can turn it off at any time.
If you like the sound of this feature, but don’t yet have Office 365, get in touch with us here at Paralogic today, and we’ll talk you through your options, explain all the benefits of Office 365, and get your business set up in no time at all.
Contact us 01844 293330 or fill in the form on the right to start using Clutter.
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