5 ways to assure good relations between IT and the rest of the business

Don’t anyone forget: IT and the core business play on the same team

Many will have had experience of how the IT function or department can seem like a bad fit with the core business of an organisation. Behind this is usually an ‘us and them mentality’ which is entirely preventable. Making sure IT and the core business play on the same team takes a little effort and awareness from both sides. Here are some tips to help:

1.  Understand the business from day 1

Make sure the IT team is well versed in the core business of the organisation. Integrating information on the organisation’s background and aims when tech workers are inducted is a good start. Make sure IT is kept up to date with changes.

2.  Brief the IT team on key stakeholders

Flat management structures… business democracies… these do exist. However, whatever the ideal, certain members of the organisation wield power or influence. IT needs to make sure it prioritises the needs of such people. It is a very good idea to identify and brief the IT team on the importance of these individuals.

3.  Avoid jargon when advising on tech matters

At all levels avoid using acronyms when talking to the business. Whether performing support to an end-user or advising the board on technology strategy, tech jargon gets in the way of clear explanations and may make you seem arrogant, uncaring and disconnected from the business. It goes without saying its OK to use it within the IT team or others in the know.

4.  Make sure the core business keeps IT in the loop

IT management should make sure IT workers are included when monthly performance presentations take place. It’s common to let core business workers know how the business is performing. Make sure IT is included. It gives tech workers context and helps them understand that the business values them.

5.  Focus on the user as a customer

IT support is really about treating every end-user (from secretarial support or receptionist through to CEO, MD or FD) as a customer. Just as the quality of customer service dictates the fortunes of a business, QoS can make or break an IT department. From first call to follow up contacts, keep the customer satisfied.

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