4 reasons why consolidated supply is replacing best of breed

Less influence of best of breed on purchasing decisions

For many years the concept of best of breed has exerted significant influence in the thinking behind IT purchasing decisions. Essentially, this means that businesses seeking a solution or a capability should select from the market leaders in any given product and service area.
However, there are good reasons why this idea is becoming less influential when it comes to deciding where to source technology services. Consolidated supply concentrates the source of technology, reducing or eliminating the need for multiple suppliers to deliver different elements of your technology fabric.

Consolidated supply more influential

Four of the main reasons why consolidated supply is exerting more influence on the purchasing decisions of smaller, expanding and mid-market business include:

  1. The scope of the service portfolio of mid-market providers has expanded: Service providers are better able to provide for all of a client’s needs, eliminating the need to engage multiple suppliers
  2. Better expertise to maintain the portfolio of services: The significant improvements in capability of mid-market IT service providers’ has been accompanied by a necessary increase in expertise to design, manage and support the solutions offered
  3. Concentrated supply simplifies service and support: The need for handovers between different suppliers and the client’s need to co-ordinate between suppliers is minimised or eliminated
  4. Better value from more integrated solutions: Design and management from a single solutions provider deliver better value than ‘point’ solutions even when they are best of breed

Paralogic concentrates technology supply

Paralogic specialises in consolidating technology supply, providing the solutions and capabilities that smaller, expanding and mid-sized businesses need. Our end-to-end solutions and full portfolio of services includes everything from IT Strategy Consultancy, Managed Services, Cloud Services and Disaster Recovery through to break-fix Hardware Support and Cabling Services.
To help you understand how we help mid-sized businesses exceed their limits, click this link.
Click this link to read a Tech Decision Maker blog from Techrepublic.com on consolidation and supply chain efficiency.


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