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Having a hard drive crash on your computer, at home or in the office, can be a traumatic experience at the best of times. Recovering data can often be a time-consuming and fruitless exercise, and there’s usually a negative knock on effect on all other aspects of work.
Unless you rigorously back up your files and documents, there’s a high chance that they’re gone for good. In a business scenario, this could be catastrophic. Worst case, it could be the end of your business!

The Chances of Data Loss

A recent Verbatim poll found that almost 30% of adults never carried out any kind of backup.
Coupled with the results that of those who do backup data, only 5% do it every day, and findings from a University of North Carolina study that showed a hard drive crashes every 15 seconds on average. It’s clear that the potential for data loss is not uncommon.
Even those businesses who backup data to storage hard drives in the office may be at risk. On-site media storage often has questionable integrity; external hard drives are prone to failure, and they are rarely tested. In those scenarios, recovery of lost files is next to impossible.
Thankfully, there is a solution. Digital, off-site back up and storage could give you absolute piece of mind for your business, and ensure that should the worst ever happen, all your files and data will remain safe and secure.
Here are three reasons why digital storage could save your business:

1. It prevents contracts and policies from ever being misplaced or forgotten

It’s easy to file away an agreed contract or those important insurance policies into a folder within a folder, where you think everyone can find but may actually never to be seen again.
Then what happens if your hard drive fails and all data is lost? That could be when a client starts challenging you on some work, and you need to produce the agreed contract to prevent a costly law suit. Or could it be when something goes wrong somewhere in your business and you need that insurance policy to prove eligibility for repayment.
Without either, your company might go bankrupt. With a digital backup and storage system in place, you’ll know that those contracts and policies are totally safe and will be available for rapid recovery, should you ever need them.

2. Financial details and documents will always be secure

Business growth forecasts, tax returns and year end statements are all integral to the accounting of your company, and should be available whenever you need them. But they should only be accessible for those with the authority to view and edit them.
The last thing your business needs is for your financials to be on display to everyone because your data security has been compromised.
And you wouldn’t want to lose all those budget plans you’ve spent hours working on when a hard drive fails, or be unable to produce documentation in the event of an HMRC audit would you?

3. All work and files for the business will never be lost, even in the event of a natural disaster.

Sometimes the worst really can happen, and a fire or flood can rip through your office premises, destroying all computers, hard drives and on-site storage facilities. In those instances, everything could be lost; every single file and piece of work your company has ever completed.
But with off-site digital storage, you can rest assured that all your documents will be safe and secure regardless of any unfortunate occurrences or disasters at your place of work.

Prevent Corporate Data Loss and Disruption with Paralogic

With digital storage and backup from Paralogic, you’ll know that every single file and piece of data is in good hands. We promise that everything will be backed up and restored quickly in the event of any minor technical fault or catastrophic failure.
With our recovery server, you’ll benefit from:

  • Multiple copies stored in different locations, maximising protection from any loss
  • A fully automated process with a simple management interface, so backups are handled seamlessly
  • Screenshot backup verification – for absolute peace of mind
  • Instant onsite and offsite virtualisation recovery, whenever you might require it.

And at Paralogic, we believe in providing a totally bespoke design for your business, so you’ll never pay for what you don’t need.
Our expert consultants will audit your current back up and security set-up, identify any strengths and weaknesses, and advise you on the best solution for any problems you have. We’ll then tailor a package specifically for you to ensure a perfect fit for your company.
Simply get in touch with us today by filling in the form on the right hand side or via our contact us page, and let us ensure that your digital storage and backup solutions will save you business, if ever it’s needed!
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