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Managed IT Support

Paralogic’s Managed IT Support provides professional assistance to thousands of business people across the UK. Day-to-day issues are resolved quickly by our proactive Helpdesk team to keep your systems running smoothly.

WatchOverIT, our technology management system, constantly checks the performance and utilisation of your computers and ensures the latest service packs and security updates are deployed. It also schedules preventative maintenance work and provides us with a secure remote control facility to carry out configuration changes when required.

Our simple monthly charge is based on the number of users you have. You can adjust this number at any time to accommodate changes in your organisation and to control your overheads.


Onsite Options

ResolveIT and NetworkCare offer flexible ways to reduce cost while providing access to a wide range of IT expertise for troubleshooting, maintenance, training and onsite support.

For critical items of equipment, we offer fixed-price onsite maintenance contracts with guaranteed rapid response times.

Cyber Security

Malicious attacks on businesses have become very sophisticated in recent years, resulting in data loss, massive disruption and significant ransom demands. Paralogic provides a fully Managed Security service which includes security audits, system implementation, CE certification and staff training.

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IT Procurement

Through economies of scale, Paralogic’s dedicated buying team is able to deliver highly competitive prices on hardware, software and third party services. Drawing on our experience and detailed knowledge of the industry, we will ensure that you make the right purchasing decisions to realise the best return on your IT investment.

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Structured Cabling

The cabling team at Paralogic has decades of experience in voice, data, AV and electrical cabling installation work. Other services include communication cabinet audits and upgrades, network certification and extended warranties.


We offer chargeable consultancy services for special projects, over and above the ongoing advice and guidance provided by our account managers. A range of fixed price consultancy packages include IT strategy, system architecture, security and GDPR compliance.

Project Management

Our Service team has more than 20 years’ experience in implementing new IT systems. Installations are planned carefully, clients receive regular progress updates and all work is carried out in accordance with documented procedures.

Relocation Services

Moving house is often regarded as one life’s most stressful experiences and there is little doubt that moving office can be just as taxing! Paralogic provides a full range of relocation services, including Project Management, to ensure that your move goes smoothly and any disruption is minimised.