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Unless you’ve been an IT manager in a medium or large business, you’re unlikely to understand just how challenging the role can be at times.
For many employees, being an IT manager might seem like an easy job. The misconceptions of the role usually revolve around just being sat in a room full of computers for most of the day doing nothing, only really needed when there is a technical issue somewhere.
But of course, anyone who has ever been in the position knows this couldn’t be further from the truth. Long hours, lots of responsibility and stressful projects are more common than not.
At Paralogic, we understand what IT managers go through, which is why we’ve put together these six reasons why they’re often under appreciated.

1) They’re blamed for anything going wrong

Whenever any kind of IT problem happens in the office, it’s usually the IT manager who gets the blame. It could be anything like a user inputting the wrong password, a disconnected wire, or a nationwide server outage.
It doesn’t matter if the circumstances are completely beyond the control of the IT manager, if it’s anything technical related, it’s their fault and they ought to be able to fix it.
In these instances, having an outsourced network care system can be a godsend, as the IT manager can call in support when required and pass on the responsibility. In the case of server problems, there’s usually a back up solution that can be implemented quickly and effectively with minimum disruption.

2) They’re held accountable for all costs

Regardless of what a new, essential piece of software might cost, it’s usually the IT manager’s fault if it’s too expensive.
They’re responsible for managing all associated IT and technology costs, and need to use their budget as efficiently as possible, not just on staff or new hardware, but on the software and systems which support the day-to-day functioning of an office.
With vendors ringing up and trying to sell all kinds of new systems every day, it can be a difficult task identifying the most cost effective solutions that will satisfy upper management.

3) They work harder than anyone else when there’s a new starter

Whenever a new member of staff is due to start, an IT manager often has to work harder than HR or team managers, without any acknowledgement.
They’re responsible for setting up a new workstation, perhaps even laying new cabling to ensure it’s fully connected to the network. They then have to set up new accounts for everything, often purchasing new software licenses and going through lengthy installation processes in order to prepare everything.

4) They don’t have time to keep their skills and knowledge up to date

As they’re often running around offices and working on all different kinds of technical issues and new projects, many IT managers often don’t have the time to stay informed on the latest IT developments.
Keeping up to date with their skills and knowledge is an essential part of their role, and countless hours spent in meetings or organising work can be detrimental to this. That’s why IT managers can utilise expert outside support and advice.

5) They’re responsible for all tasks – planning, justification and evaluation

As there’s usually no-one else in the business savvy enough with IT, it falls to the IT manager to organise, oversee and review every single project.
This can mean that it’s difficult to take a step back and impartially analyse exactly what is needed or whether the completed task has been successful. It’s hard to evaluate your own work!
That’s why it can be extremely beneficial to source a company like Paralogic for important projects. We can do the proposals and carry out the work, whilst the IT Manager can monitor everything and ensure you’re getting exactly what you require, carried out at great value and to a high standard.

6) It’s often just the IT Manager

When they need extra help for a larger project, or they run into difficulty with a technical issue beyond your expertise, the IT manager is often in it on their own. They can’t turn to their colleagues for support, or hire someone new because they simply won’t know what they’re doing.
So for big projects like a system migration or an office move, it’s important for them to know when to get outside help. And that’s where we can help at Paralogic.

The Extra Support When It’s Needed

If you’re an IT manager at a large business, you’ll know just how difficult certain projects can be. That’s why at Paralogic we offer a range of different services, to help you out as and when you need the extra support.
Get in touch with us today by filling in the form on the right, or contacting us directly on 01844 293330, and we’ll be more than happy to listen to your IT support needs and advise on exactly how we can offer our help in the most cost effective way.
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