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vidyoParalogic recommends Vidyo

At Paralogic we’ve worked with smaller, expanding and mid-sized businesses for many years. We’ve often been asked about video conferencing solutions but we’ve felt unable to recommend a solution that meets the key criteria of providing consistent performance at a cost that makes sense to our customers. Until now…
Vidyo Personal Telepresence lets you meet with anyone, anywhere on any type of device. From phones and tablets, to full conference rooms, a Vidyo solution lets you connect to prospects, customers, suppliers, delivery partners and employees and is able to provide the telepresence that is so important to interpersonal communication.

Transform efficiency with Vidyo

Traditionally, conventional affordable video conferencing uses the public Internet and the quality is impacted by variable bandwidth and the changing capacity of the data connections to the end point devices. Vidyo over comes this drawback by using a combination of designed and built-for-purpose network and cloud infrastructure and smart device software to enable outstanding video conferencing quality.
Video conferencing offers businesses a significant opportunity to transform efficiency by reducing the total cost of business travel and increasing the productivity of employees. By enabling best-use-of-time by reducing the need to travel, Vidyo maximises the time available for collaborative processes.
With Vidyo you can choose from a cloud-based solution using your webcam-enabled device or a hardware based room system to provide more features and sophistication. Both provide outstanding video conferencing experiences.

We’re making increasing use of Vidyo at Paralogic

Vidyo is so effective that we are making increasing use of it in our business. Whether for formal scheduled video conferences or for ad-hoc day-to-day operations or project purposes, Vidyo provides the breakthrough in quality and consistency for which business has been waiting.
For more information on Vidyo you can click here to got to the product page on the website, or to better understand the factors and issues that affect video conferencing performance why not download our free ‘Video conferencing FAQ: A buyer’s guide’?
The best way to understand the difference Vidyo makes is to see it for yourself. To arrange your free demonstration simply fill in the form on the right or call us on 01844 293 330.


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