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There is nothing more inconvenient than when your computer breaks down, freezes or becomes unresponsive, especially when you’re minutes away from an important deadline or have clients waiting on vital information.
Computer problems can be extremely frustrating; having a dedicated IT support team to turn to for help and guidance could make all the difference between a stress-free afternoon and one filled with lots of bangs, shouts and curses.
Of course, you could try and fix the issues yourself, and if you’re creative, there might a lot of items around your office you could make use of, as these employees found:

1) An innovative cooling system

When your cooling system fails and your computer overheats, you could try this this fan-tastic new cooling solution to keep your systems running, if you don’t fry anything in the process…

2) A makeshift mouse button

No mouse button, no problem. Simply stick a pin into your mouse to replace the missing button, and all will be well…for a short period of time. If colleagues don’t look too closely, you could pass it off as a joystick enhancement.

3) Recycled solution for tidy wires

There’s nothing worse than tangled wires and cables, cluttering up the office floor and posing a dangerous trip hazard. This business has taken recycling to heart and made use of a coat hanger to suspend a variety of cables for later use!

4) Tape will fix anything

Sometimes you need to accept when to give up, but if you have some spare tape you might as well give DIY fixing a go, right? After all, everything can be held together as long as you use enough tape!

5) Bricks of any kind can be used

If the support for your screen breaks, you could ask employees to raid their children’s toy cupboards. After all, it’s not the beauty of the building you should look at; it’s the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time. Lego is indestructible isn’t it?

6) Switching to battery power

We’ve all been victim to a slow computer (before we installed Office 365 that is), but perhaps batteries aren’t the best way to speed up processing systems – especially with such a low voltage. We wouldn’t recommend sticking your fingers in the back of this computer unit, unless you’re a fan of electric shocks.

7) Maintaining control at all times

You might have come across ‘sticky keys’ before, but this DIY computer fixer has taken things to a whole new level! Well, we have heard it said that you can keep everything under control with a bit of tape!

Unfortunately, we don’t have the results from these DIY experiments to let you know whether they actually fixed any IT problems. We’re guessing probably not.
Try them yourself, and the chances are that you’ll only end up doing more harm than good, potentially damaging files and equipment beyond repair. Worse still, you’ll likely pose a serious safety threat to all the staff in the office.
Instead, if you want to avoid smoke, fire, electrocution, and all kinds of hassle – and need real IT support to fix any broken computers, servers or printers – call our expert team today on 01844 293 330, or fill in the form on the right to enquire about our emergency support packages.
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