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A limited or slow internet connection is one of the most time consuming problems a business can struggle with, affecting everything from the communication between you and your customers to the work efficiency of your team.
Communication is an essential part of any business; failing to deliver at a high standard or respond rapidly could result in the loss of customers to your competition. A fast and reliable internet connection not only assists business functionality, but ensures you are able to meet customer expectations and deadlines.
An easy way to ensure speedy broadband for your business is through business grade fibre. But what kind of benefits can you expect from this service?

1) Happy Customers

If your customers are looking for quick results, you need to ensure your broadband can deliver. Business grade fibre promises high upload and download speeds for quick and reliable large file sharing. For ‘fibre to the premises’ FTTP, you could get 300MB/sec download speeds and 30MB/sec.

2) Improved communication

Proper communication with your current and potential customers is an essential part of any successful business, and requires a constantly reliable internet connection.
Whether you need to collaborate on files, host a video conference, or simply use a cloud-based sharing platform, speed is essential.

3) Priority

This broadband is available to businesses only. This means that you won’t be sharing it with non-business properties, so won’t be slowed down by their internet activity. You can therefore expect consistently fast results.

4) Cut costs

Whilst some businesses will opt for cheaper broadband deals to help save money, this can cost more in the long run as the installation of business essential add-ons is required (typically included with business grade broadband as standard).
Plus, a fast internet connection allows for a switch to online data storage, automatically reducing the costs of using software and hardware.

5) Up to date

Outdated solutions are for outdated businesses. If you want satisfied customers you need to provide them with the best and latest services; therefore it is integral that your business is up to date with the most advanced technology.

6) Work from anywhere

The ability to access the workspace from anywhere ensures you can stay on top of work at all times. As well as giving the whole business access to work files away from the office, this advanced feature allows you and your clients to collaborate on files together.

7) Get ahead of the competition

Here at Paralogic Networks, we understand how important internet connectivity is for all businesses, which is why we offer a range of unbeatable connectivity solutions to give your company a competitive update.
From identifying your unique speed and bandwidth needs to making sure you have the right infrastructure in place for the upgrade, we will handle everything so you don’t have to.
As well as Ethernet and business class services, we are also a chosen supplier of the Government’s Broadband Connection Voucher Scheme; with our help, you could receive up to £3,000 worth of vouchers to give your business faster and better broadband!
For more information on how our business grade fibre could benefit your business, fill in the form on the right or call us today on 01844 293330.
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