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A credible independent opinion on the advantages of Office 365

When it comes time to renew your Microsoft Office licences, online Office 365 subscriptions are an obvious option. We recommend Office 365 and feature it on the blog regularly. However, we are aware that many companies use Google Apps as an alternative.  Google Apps for Work is the subscription version of free Google Docs online software.
For anyone considering Office 365 but wondering what Google Apps has to offer, here’s a digest of some of the main findings from an article published by the respected TechRepublic IT website comparing Microsoft’s online Office 365 suite and GoogleApps. As such, this should be read as a credible independent opinion on the advantages of Office 365.


  • Outlook has been a business staple for decades, but it is in need of an overhaul; that said, Outlook offers features Google cannot match
  • Microsoft OneNote lets you take notes in meetings and permanently associate them with the event in your diary; for example, it’s easy to check agreed action points
  • Finding free time slots and rooms for meetings with colleagues is easier with Outlook than Google Calendar
  • Outlook also offers more options for setting rules, such as automatically directing incoming messages to certain folders, for example

Word processing

  • The choice between Microsoft Word and Google Docs boils down to the complexity of the documents your staff are required to create
  • Google Docs is fine for the basic task of putting words on a page, business letters and rudimentary report writing
  • What Google Docs won’t do is create polished presentations for company brochures or external marketing materials; it feels too much like a 1990s word processor
  • Google Docs struggles with big, complex documents
  • Both allow multiple people to edit the same document simultaneously
  • Google Docs lets you chat with colleagues as you work in Docs
  • Microsoft Word is better at handling Dropbox shared files


  • Excel is the industry standard for a reason – probably the biggest single reason why Microsoft Office remains the default choice for most businesses; it doesn’t have all the features of Microsoft Office 2013 desktop version which is also available, but it doesn’t mangle spreadsheets if there are features it can’t cope with, either
  • Google Sheets is a long way behind, it’s perfectly capable of the basics but lacks real power tools
  • Google Sheets pivot table support is limited, plugins/integration for third-party business tools such as Sage are weaker or non-existent, and charting facilities are much poorer
  • Your finance department may find a way to work with Google Sheets, but they probably won’t thank you for it


  • The sophistication of PowerPoint gives it the edge over Google Slides
  • PowerPoint provides a wider selection of templates that pack a visual punch; Google Slides are rather drab and old-fashioned
  • PowerPoint has a whole range of visual effects and design capabilities that are far superior; it is far easier to create an impactful presentation in PowerPoint than it is with Google Slides
  • PowerPoint 2013 has superior presentation tools; for example, attach your laptop to a projector or external screen, and the software automatically puts the laptop screen into presenter mode, showing you (but not the audience) presenter notes, forthcoming slides and a running stopwatch
  • PowerPoint pen tools let you use your mouse/trackpad as a virtual laser pointer, draw around areas of the slides, or use a virtual highlighter
  • Google Slides delivers straightforward presentations, but the experience is worse for both audiences and presenters

Other apps and services

  • Office 365 and Google Apps come with a variety of ancillary apps and services
  • Microsoft subscription plans often include access to iPad apps
  • PowerPoint lets you deliver presentations from your tablet
  • Microsoft smartphone apps less impressive
  • Google smartphone and tablet apps for Docs, Sheets and Slides are underpowered
  • Many Microsoft plans provide business-grade instant messaging and videoconferencing via Lync
  • Google builds instant messaging into Gmail and videoconferences via Google Hangouts uses speaker detection to put the talker in the main window
  • Inter-business social networking is provided by both
  • Microsoft offers Yammer, which could be used to replace a company’s intranet
  • Google Groups can be used for inter-company forum-like discussions and Google+ and instant messaging
  • Microsoft OneNote is an underrated part of the Office suite for taking notes in meetings

Get the benefits of Office 365 and support from Paralogic

Personally, all round, we think Office 365 comes out on top for businesses in the TechRepublic review. If you want to find out more about how we can help you move over and provide ongoing support for Office 365, simply call Paralogic on 01844 293 330 or fill in the form on the right and we’ll be right back to you.
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