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Convergence – the enabler of high quality communications

Voice and data convergence has been one of the great enablers of high quality networked digital communications. This has enabled significant simplification and increased efficiency of network infrastructure, allowing voice and data to be carried within the same copper and fibre cables.
‘1st generation’ VoIP enabled businesses to replace on-premise PABX telephone systems with VoIP systems. As well as providing superior call quality this opened up the route to lower cost calls, especially for international traffic, however, there was little benefit in terms of CAPEX as major capital investment was still required.

The cloud revolution

The cloud has revolutionised the way that businesses provision technology. Rather than commit large amounts of capital to purchase systems, the cloud lets business consume technology services on demand, minimising or eliminating CAPEX and shifting costs into operational cost centres.
The cloud has enabled today’s ‘2nd generation’ VoIP telephony solutions, multiplying the benefits of VoIP with the cloud. Hosted VoIP telephony services are simply delivered to your business, and paid for on a monthly basis without the need to commit large sums of capital for systems investment.
Hosted VoIP solutions from Paralogic
Paralogic hosted VoIP solutions deliver the benefits of VoIP and boost them with the flexibility delivered by the cloud. Virtual Office services provide high range so called enterprise-class features that used to found on large company telephone systems.
Paralogic hosted VoIP brings the benefits enjoyed by FTSE100 within the grasp of smaller, mid-size and expanding businesses while eliminating up to 90% of the start-up capital costs and reducing monthly bills by 50%.
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