5 Ways Technology Can Ruin Your Monday Morning | Paralogic IT

It’s 9am on Monday morning. You’ve got the full week ahead of you, you’ve briefed your staff on the work they need to do, and you’ve got a great feeling that it’s going to be a very productive day.
But then technology goes wrong. Something breaks or something doesn’t connect, and suddenly your team has lost all momentum.
Dealing with IT problems on a Monday morning can be an absolute nightmare without the right support. Here are just five examples of how your work plans can be tripped up by technology:

1) You’re unable to log onto your computer

You can’t even get started with anything if you can’t log onto your PC, and this is a common problem in workplaces with multiple staff and numerous machines.
It might be that you were asked to change your password last week, and you’ve forgotten what you had to change it to (was it a 1 or a 2!?). Or perhaps your user profile has been corrupted in some way.
Either way, you’ll need some IT support staff who won’t laugh at your chosen password, but will get you onto the network straight away, before you’ve even had chance to put the kettle on.

2) There’s no internet connection

The first thing you want to get out of the way is catching up with your emails, but if you log into your account and see nothing sending or receiving you can often feel like giving up right there.
It might be something as simple as a disconnected Ethernet cable, or it could be some settings that have gone awry.
Rather than wasting time trying to figure it out yourself, an IT support team on the other end of the phone can get your emails up again in no time.

3) You’re missing some work

The next common technical issue which throws a spanner in the works on Monday morning is missing work. There’s nothing worse than opening up a document you’ve been working on to see lots of content missing.
In the haste to get out of the office on Friday, perhaps you forgot to save something and shut done incorrectly? Or maybe you’ve been working on a report over the weekend, and you’ve emailed it to yourself but now can’t locate the latest version?
You don’t need to have this worry. With the right systems in place before hand, you can rest assured that your staff will be able to recover documents and transfer them between locations seamlessly, without fear of losing any work.

4) The printer’s not working

When the printer stops working, you can usually figure out what’s wrong with it by pulling out a paper jam, turning it on and off, or giving it a helpful knock on the top.
But when it’s a printer connection problem, things are much worse. You can see the printer is working, but nothing is actually coming out of it! Suddenly you’re unable to print those last minute meeting reports and vital contracts that need sending out.
Having a printer on a wireless network is a great solution for any business with a few staff in the office, but it can be problematic if something goes wrong with the settings. Thankfully with the right IT support, it’s usually a very simple fix which you can often be guided through yourself.

5) Someone wants a video call

You had some clients coming in for a meeting, but they’ve changed their mind and now want to do a video conference call.
It’s not uncommon for offices to go into full panic mode as they hunt high and low for that web camera, and try and find a laptop they can take to the boardroom which has the right software installed on it.
But video conferencing is actually just another feature which your IT support team should be able to help you with, so that you’ll already be all set up for any eventuality.

Stress-free Mondays

You don’t have to worry about ruining a Monday morning when you have the right IT support team on hand. At Paralogic, we’ll make sure that problems like these very rarely happen, and if they do, we’ll be there to fix them within minutes.
Drop us an email via the box on the right, or just give us a call to find out how you can keep your Monday morning on track, saving both time and money on your IT support.


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