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Microsoft’s Office 365 package is packed full of lots of useful features. We’ve already touched upon a number of the larger benefits that Office 365 offers to small and medium sized businesses, including its value for homeworkers and how to use it for sharing files.
But, there are a number of other features that you may not be aware of with Office 365, many of which are underused by business customers. Here are just a few of our favourites:
1) Collaborate on projects
Gone are the days of multiple versions of a document flying around via email between colleagues, as you all try and work on, edit and proof a single piece of work. Office 365’s project collaboration feature means multiple staff members can simultaneously edit a document.
This is ideal for working on proposals, plans, strategy documents and white papers which require insight and input from a number of different team members, as feedbacks and changes are instantaneous for all to see.
All you need to do is ensure the document is saved in OneDrive or on a server where SharePoint is installed. Everyone opens the file from the common location and can begin editing and making notes immediately.
To see who is currently viewing and editing, simply click the ‘people’ icon in the status bar at the bottom. Simply click anyone’s name to send them a message or start a Skype call.
2) Add tasks to Outlook calendar from OneNote
If you’ve written a to-do list in Microsoft’s OneNote, you can easily create tasks direct from here for your Outlook Calendar, with deadlines and reminders so that you can keep track of what needs doing.
Click on the to-do item you want as a task, and select the red flag from the Home menu, entitled ‘Outlook tasks’. Set your due date, and you’ll see it instantly in your calendar.
3) Utilise Mobile Device Management
A new feature added this year, Microsoft has introduced a great mobile device management system for Office 365 users. It’s ideal for IT admins in medium and larger sized businesses, with a number of employees who use Office 365 on their mobile phones and tablets.
From your administration panel, IT managers can control a variety of security features for all users within their organisation. You can set access controls to programs or wipe sensitive data from a mobile device either in an emergency or when an employee leaves the organisation, without removing any personal data.
4) Make use of simple little timesavers
Sometimes it’s those little simple buttons that we never click which can make all the difference.
In Microsoft Word for example, you may already use the “Recent documents” tab of the menu, to quickly open files that you worked on a few hours ago. If you click the pin next to this document however, you’ll pin the document to this menu, so it won’t disappear until it’s unpinned.
That means when you have a file you know you’ll be returning to regularly, you won’t need to navigate to the specific folder every time you want to open it; it’ll be in the main menu whenever needed.
Another small feature we like is the ‘Ignore’ button. When you get fed up of those ‘reply all’ emails constantly flying back and forth and they’re not something that concerns you, simply click the ‘Ignore’ button, located in the delete group on the Home menu.
This will mute the group conversation and move all replies to your deleted items folder.
5) Try out some newer features
Sway is Office 365’s answer to Prezi, a much needed new way to create presentations that is currently rolling out to business customers. It makes creating visual presentations much easier, and one of the great features is the Bing automatic image search.
As you type, Sway identifies keywords and suggests appropriate images from Bing search engine which can be added automatically. These images are tagged with a creative commons license too, meaning you’re free to use them as you see fit without any copyright restrictions.
It’s also worth trying out Office Delve, the new search function. Using Office Graph technology, the same software which helps Clutter to run, Delve learns what’s important to you and returns more appropriate search results.
It can find documents wherever they are stored, including in OneDrive, and can also search through your emails. Further search locations are also due to be covered soon, including the ability to delve through documents and email attachments.
Do you need more help with how Office 365 can help your business?
About 80% of Office 365 users only use approximately 20% of the features available to them. If you need more help understanding how Office 365 can help your business run more productively, get in touch with us at Paralogic today.
We’ll help you set up Office 365, utilise those underused features, and make sure they work efficiently for your company. Call us today on 01844 293330 or simply fill in the form on the right.
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