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When business is a little quieter than usual, use the extra time to clean up, organise and tidy your IT files and equipment. You’ll always be able to find a reason to put these general housekeeping tasks off, but they can soon prove essential if you want a smooth running, time efficient business all year round.
Keeping your IT in order gives your business more operational capabilities so you can focus on the needs of your customer and deliver exceptional results. Here are 4 tasks that will tidy up your online operations and make future maintenance much easier to handle:

1) Organise your folders and libraries

This is vital if your business relies on allowing employees to create and share documents with one another. If you’re using OneDrive with Office 365 for collaboration, you’ll want to have an organised system in place that all employees can follow.
Consider creating the following the libraries:

  • Management – this should have restricted access and only the management team should be able to share and see files saved in this area. Items saved here could be anything from prospective CVs and business development practices documents that are going to be implemented, to forecasting spreadsheets and sales figures.
  • Client – each member of staff should have access to this area and it should be used as a place to share and save important client documents for all departments.
  • Internal – each member of staff should have a space to save and organise their own work. Within this library, there should either be folders for each member of staff or each department.

Try to keep all files saved within a folder or library as this prevents digital clutter and wasted time when looking for a specific document.

2) Free up space by deleting downloads

Amongst all the folders on your hard drive, you will have one named ‘Downloads’. This is basically where every document you have ever downloaded is stored.
Although this is great if you forget to save a file, there will be outdated or duplicate documents slowing down your computer that you can afford to delete.
Plus, if you have quality backup solutions in place, deleting all downloads shouldn’t cause any harm that cannot be undone.

3) Declutter your desktop

Unused shortcuts, unimportant documents and unorganised folders – desktops are riddled with files we don’t need anymore.
When you first install a program or create a document, it makes sense to save them to the desktop as they used are regularly to begin with. But don’t hold onto them when they are no longer needed as this slows down your computer and your productivity.
Deleting shortcuts and removing documents from your desktop won’t uninstall or remove them from your server completely, but it will declutter your desktop and speed up your operating system for a more efficient work day.

4) Dust off all those cobwebs

A clean desk is a clear mind. You wouldn’t let the office kitchen go weeks without being cleaned, so don’t let your computers. After all, the state of a work space significantly influences productivity and end results.
When it comes to wires and cables, the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach is often taken, but this is risky. Try using Velcro Wraps and Command Hooks to keep wires from tangling and becoming potential hazards.
There is nothing more distracting than a dusty screen and keyboard. To fix this do the following:

  • Use a screen cloth to wipe down the whole monitor
  • Turn the keyboard upside down onto a paper towel whilst gently tapping it. This will encourage all the crumbs and dirt it has collected over time to escape.

Screen cloths should be used to wipe the monitor down at the end of each day and can also cover the keyboard on evenings to prevent dust and dirt from collecting.
If you think your IT organisation and systems may be beyond some summer housekeeping, get in touch with us here at Paralogic Networks and we’ll help you to ensure your businesses is working as efficiently as possible.
Simply fill in the form on the right with any problems you might be facing, or call us today on 01844 293330.
Image thanks to winnond from freedigitalphotos.net


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