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Following a recent announcement by Jerry Nixon, a development executive at Microsoft, it looks like the Windows operating system as we know it is coming to an end.
In a statement at a recent conference, Nixon said that the new “Windows 10” version of Microsoft’s dominant software will be the last ever version to be released in the format we’re accustomed to.
Rather than developing and selling new stand-alone versions of their software, which is integral to the vast majority of businesses all over the world, Microsoft will instead be releasing regular installments and updates to provide on-going support to customers.
Why Windows Is Changing
Following in the likes of Adobe and Apple, which offer constant updates to their users to fix any issues and push new development, Microsoft is perhaps finally catching up with what consumers are demanding, and looking to create the next great operating system.
As the needs and demands of consumers are constantly shifting, and technology is evolving at a rapid pace, Microsoft has often found itself behind the trends. Development on each new Windows version takes a number of years, and by the time they are ready for release, the requirements of users have changed.
A new ‘update-led’ version of the operating system will allow Microsoft to be more reactive to shifts in technology and user intent.
There’s no news yet on what Windows will look like after Windows 10 or what features the new OS will have, but one thing Microsoft is certain about is that there definitely won’t be a Windows 11. Instead, there’ll be a significant break from the past.
What It Means For Your Business
Regular updates will ensure that your business will always be running the latest versions of any Microsoft software, and should hopefully mean that any bugs or nagging issues will be regularly solved and you’ll see improvements with every new installment.
An update-led operating system should also ensure that corporate customers can feed back on new features, request changes and not worry about upgrading to a whole new operating system every few years.
Hopefully that will mean no more expenditure on licensing costs, or payments for new package installations.
However, constant updates could mean regular disruption for business users, and there’s no news yet on the ease of downloads. It could be a difficult, time-consuming process, and there are no guarantees the new updates will seamlessly integrate with other technology and other programs.
And a new operating version, in whatever form it takes, might also entail an initial upgrade for all the hardware in your office too.
How Paralogic Can Help
Paralogic can ensure your business has the most appropriate technology and the software that best fits your company’s requirements. We can advise you on exactly what you’ll need, and make sure that everything is set-up and functioning effectively.
As experts in Microsoft software like Office 365, we’ll keep you updated on the latest developments with the new Windows operating system, and help you to decide what steps you’ll need to take, if any, to take advantage of new developments.
Just get in touch with us today by filling in the form on the right, and we’ll analyse your current business setup, make any recommendations required now, and ensure your business is future proof for developments like the new Windows system.


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