High quality IT Helpdesk support: Art or science?

High quality Helpdesk support service essential today

In today’s world of high customer expectation, delivering good quality Helpdesk services is an essential for IT service providers. But is the delivery of high quality Helpdesk support an art or a science?
Impatience, stress and business deadlines all combine to drive customer anxiety. This creates a lot of pressure to perform when delivering IT customer services such as Helpdesk telephone support and onsite support. Typically customer expectations are for Helpdesk and onsite services to be:

  • Effective in solving the issue
  • Quick, preferably providing an immediate solution
  • First time fix with a minimum of fuss

An Art. And a Science.

There are many elements that make up IT customer service. There are resources designed to structure customer service into process that can be followed. ITIL (the IT Infrastructure Library) is a widely used distillation of best practice. Some might consider this a ‘scientific’ approach.
There are also a number of additional factors that strongly influence the quality of Helpdesk service. Many of these are intangible, influenced by the ‘soft’ skills of the Helpdesk team. Many consider mastering soft skills something of an ‘art’.
At Paralogic delivering high quality Helpdesk and onsite service is both an Art and a Science.

Great service means customers stay with Paralogic

Paralogic delivers great service. We know this because our customers tell us and they stay with us. We have retained some for more than 10 years. Our blend of Art and Science that ensures we deliver great service includes:

  • Developing and maintaining great relationships with our customers, so service is friendly
  • Having an excellent understanding of customer businesses, so we have context
  • Working hard to understand every problem, because accuracy speeds up resolution
  • Sharing knowledge and pooling understanding, because this makes our technical team highly effective
  • Delivering great onsite services, because Helpdesk technical skills are informed by experience gained ‘in the wild’
  • Using technology tools integrates best practice, ensures we hit SLAs, and delivers analytics that help us to continually improve the quality of our service

If you’re ready to experience great Helpdesk telephone support and onsite support, please contact us and we’ll be glad to help. Simply fill in the form on the right or call us on 01844 293 330.


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