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Chromebit stick-based computer announced

Google has announced it is to release Chromebit – a memory stick style device that turns a television or a monitor into computer. The USB style sticks simply plug into the HDMI port of suitably equipped displays to provide access to internet based computing using cloud resources through a browser.
The move is an extension of Google’s Chromebook ‘netbooks’ idea which are essentially laptops that provide access to web-based computing resources. Chromebit products will run alongside the Chromebook range, both powered by Google Chrome OS and using the complementary Chrome browser.

Taking on Microsoft

The Chromebit is made by the Taiwanese manufacturer Asus and Google said the device would cost “less than $100” and go on sale before the end of the year. Such a price point is sure to make the devices attractive for educational purposes and cost conscious consumers.
Google’s move is seen as a response to the recent release of Windows-powered ‘PC-on-a-stick’ devices by Intel and Hannspree at slightly higher price points. Stick-based computing devices require their owners to provide displays, keyboards and other peripherals, which many people already own, and this provides an attractive, compact and transportable computing option.

Benefits and risks for business

Like anything that has the potential to reduce running costs, it is likely that stick-based computing will find a niche role for some businesses. Some believe it could manifest itself as part of the BYOD ‘bring your own device’ phenomena that lets workers use personally owned computers for work. However, in the quest to exploit the benefits, it is important to understand the key risks associated with personally owned computing devices – data and network security.

Help with BYOD security from Paralogic

Whether a smartphone, a tablet or a stick computer, Paralogic is able to provide advice and solutions to help you protect your valuable business data and guard against network security risks. Our solutions provide the unrivalled capability of automated remote offsite data back up to provide peace of mind if disaster strikes or files are accidentally deleted or become unusable.
To find out more about how we can help you with any aspect of data and network security, simply call us on 01844 293 330 or fill in the form on the right and we’ll be right back to you.


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