Windows Migration: Not just where but how…

Significant year for desktop computing

The coming year looks like being a significant one on the desktop for many organisations. If you have been putting off decisions about the future of computing on your office desktop because there has been no pressing urgency, then that’s no longer a realistic approach. There are three significant factors which look likely to impact many organisations.

  • Windows XP
    • For many long serving IT professionals Windows XP has a special place. After the trials and tribulations of Windows 95, 98, ME and 2000, Microsoft finally delivered an OS we could swear by and not at! Although not perfect, the testament to its success is that when support is finally pulled in April 2014, XP will have survived nearly a decade and a half in some organisations.
  • Desktop PC
    • Although far from extinct, the days of the desktop PC are surely numbered. The onward march of notebooks, tablets and hybrids like Surface, the tablet PC with a detachable keyboard, simply mean that the desktop PC is becoming obsolete. The increasing need for organisational flexibility and employee mobility means that the desktop PC is trailing in as the third option for many.
  • Migration
    • The third change is a consequence of the first two. With the need to move off Windows XP – and perhaps away from desktop PCs – the issue becomes one of migration. Windows 7 and Windows 8 are options for the operating systems. Along with tablets, notebooks and tablet PCs, there is also the option to take desktop computing into the cloud. Office 365 and desktop virtualisation are revolutionary steps that reduce the TCO.

Urgent need to decide and added complexity

For many, Windows XP going end of life and the likely obsolescence of desktop PCs creates an increasingly urgent need to decide where to migrate the desktop computing estate. There is also the added complexity of how best to migrate it.

Migrate with Paralogic

Paralogic is highly experienced in advising clients how best to develop the desktop computing environment to meet the needs of their businesses. Our thorough understanding and long term strategic view means we help smaller, expanding and mid-sized businesses to obtain the best value from technology.
Our end-to-end solutions and full portfolio of services includes everything from IT Strategy Consultancy, Managed Services, Cloud Services and Disaster Recovery through to break-fix Hardware Support and Cabling Services.
To help you tackle the somewhat daunting task of deciding where and how to take on the issue of desktop migration give us a call on 01844 293 330 or click this link to send us a message to contact you.
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