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padlock-24051_NAIn the last 10 years, use of ‘the cloud’ by businesses both large and small has expanded exponentially. With a plethora of cloud-based applications and storage options, it’s hard to get away from the benefits of using an off-site solution to back up all your critical data.
But just how secure is the cloud that you’re using?
When your business has committed to a backup solution using cloud storage, it’s easy to assume that everything is in place and that daily backups will occur automatically. We assume that all our local data and vital business information has been sent up to the cloud and is now safe and secure.

Cloud based storage is not foolproof

There are in fact of a number of problems that can arise for businesses that solely use cloud-based storage for backup.
You don’t control your own data
When you use third party cloud storage, you’ll never control your own data. Whilst you might be promised full access to all your information, your data will ultimately be stored on servers you don’t own. You won’t have control over data storage centres and could conceivably be denied access.
You can’t control bandwidth
Uploading and downloading data from the cloud is reliant on the access granted to you by the service provider you use. They will likely limit the bandwidth you can use, which will impact upon the speed you can recover important documents. If you had an on-site disaster and needed to download your backup, the time it takes to re-boot everything could be weeks.
Your data could be attacked
As with anything on the internet, cloud-based storage can be attacked by hackers or viruses, and your data stolen or compromised. The last year has seen a number of high profile attacks and the leaking of data, including the ‘Heartbleed’ bug, the iCloud picture leak, and most recently the Ashley Madison hack. What would happen if your business critical information was stolen and deleted?
You could experience a service outage
With reliance on an external server to store your backups, you have no control over what might happen to the data centre where all your information is kept. Any type of service outage could occur at any time, and there’s nothing you’d be able to do about.
In that scenario, the stats are damning; 93% of businesses that lost their data centre for 10 or more days filed for bankruptcy within a year.
Your users could make mistakes
If members of staff have access to your cloud backups, then manual mistakes could likely occur. Human error is very common, and it could only take a few wrong clicks to delete data unwittingly. Once it’s gone from the cloud, it might not be recoverable.
You could lose data when employees leave
If any employee leaves your company, you could find that any account they had with a cloud-based app is deleted, along with all the data associated with it. The user is inactive, so their account is gone. But you never know when you might need access to the files or documents they were working on.

Don’t rely on a single backup solution

Over one in three companies have reported losing data stored in third party cloud software. No matter how reliable they are, there could always be a scenario where business critical information is lost.
To fully protect your business, you need to ensure you always have access to your own data.
The answer is to back up your cloud data too, a key feature of our Recovery Server solution. This uses a backup disaster recovery plan to ensure your business never experiences any lost data or downtime, by maintaining a second, secure backup in an on-site server.
You’ll always have two separate backups located in two separate locations, so if anything does happen to the cloud, you won’t need to worry – your data will be safe, and your business can function as normal.
Find out more about intelligent business continuity with our Recovery Server, or get in touch with us today by simply filling in the form, or giving us a call on 01844 293 330, and our team will be happy to help!


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