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scale_imageWhat lies behind the success of Scale Computing?

Scale Computing started up in 2007, shipped its first systems in 2012 and has so far gained around 1,600 customers with an installed base of approximately 5,500 systems.
It is a relative minnow compared with some of its direct competitors. However, it grew strongly through 2015 and that trend has continued this year. So why does it continue to win deals against well-known, big name competitors such as Dell, EMC and VMWare?
Back in May, IT website The Register, which runs with the strapline of ‘Biting the hand that feeds IT’ and has a reputation for dishing up irreverence with a healthy measure of cynicism, provided analysis and identified some key facts about why Scale Computing continues to grow strongly.

Three serial entrepreneurs – one killer innovation

Scale Computing was conceived and founded by three serial tech entrepreneurs who had identified significant inefficiencies in VMWare vSphere-based virtualisation solutions. Firstly, the I/O stack wasted base computing resources such as CPU cycles. Secondly, they thought such solutions were too complicated and expensive to be a realistic proposition to SMBs or their resellers. Thirdly, the cost of VMware was significant. So they set about fixing these issues.
The Scale HC3 solution seems to be a disruptive, killer innovation. It cleans up and simplifies data pathways and storage, enabling the I/O stack to increase efficiency by around 60%. The Register tested Scale technology and found it suffered no performance impediment whatsoever when compared with competitor solutions equipped with more powerful (and more expensive) Xeon processors and VMware or Hyper-V virtualisation.
Closing its article in May, The Register said:
“Scale Computing is differentiated by its SMB-directed product, closely integrated software stack, affordability, ease of use and admin, and performance. With 5,500 systems in the field and 1,500+ customers gained in three years then it has found a market niche that is huge (how many SMBS are out there?) and ill-served by other suppliers with more expensive (very) and complex products offering no performance advantage.”

So why Scale HC3 for smaller to mid-size businesses?

What this means for smaller, expanding and mid-sized businesses is Scale enables them to avoid the cost and reduced performance of conventional server-side infrastructure without incurring the cost associated with the hyperconvergence solutions of its competitors.
This includes the ability to:

  • Down-size the hardware footprint and de-clutter server rooms and data centres
  • Simplify administration, reducing management tasks and the need for tech knowledge
  • Enhance DR/BC capability and provide high availability of data to minimise disruption
  • Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) across depreciation, upgrades and training

Platinum support for Scale hyperconvergence solutions from Paralogic

Paralogic is a Scale Computing Platinum partner, which enables us to provide specialist consultancy for smaller, expanding and mid-sized businesses looking to enjoy the benefits of Scale true hyperconvergence. We provide a full service with all the resources required to support any solution over its entire lifecycle.
For more information on how Scale a solution transforms the efficiency of server and storage systems simply get in touch. Just fill in the form on the right or call us on 01844 293 330.
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