Rise of the cloud and death of PC and XP make 2014 a busy year

Days of desktop PC numbered

Desktop PC sales are believed to have fall by 10.1% during 2013, making it the most “severe yearly contraction on record”, according to research firm IDC (International Data Corporation). This strongly supports the trend of falling desktop sales and increasingly strengthens the suggestion that the days of the desktop PC are numbered.
Three factors colliding
As we move into 2014 a combination of three factors are colliding to make 2014 a busy year for technology in smaller, expanding and mid-sized organisations:

  • Increase in demand for mobile computing devices
    • As end of life desktop PCs are replaced with laptops and tablets or hybrids
  • End of support for Microsoft Windows XP
    • The resulting security issues mean it is imperative to have a clear plan to upgrade laptops or desktop PCs that run Windows XP by April 8th; in many cases upgrade may be impracticable so replacement will be necessary
  • Office 365
    • On the server side, Microsoft has streamlined its product ranges with the result that it no longer makes economic sense to run Microsoft Windows Small Business Server and Microsoft Exchange Server as an on-premise solution; the alternative Office 365 product applies the power of the cloud to office productivity

This means there are some big decisions to make with significant strategic and financial implications.

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