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Sharing documents and files with co-workers is a vital part of any business. Others need to see the information you’re working on, and more often than not projects require input, suggestions and amendments from other staff members.
With an abundance of options available to share and collaborate on documents, which is best for your business?
Email sharing is relatively simple, but limited by file size allowances and the likelihood of receiving multiple different versions back. Instant messaging offers quick feedback for simple queries, but transfer times can be cumbersome if the file is large. And for other cloud sharing options like Google Drive and Apple iCloud, compatibility is often an issue.
That’s why at Paralogic, we recommend OneDrive and SharePoint.
Why OneDrive Leads The Way For Businesses
For easy integration, good security and trusted collaboration, OneDrive leads the way. Hosted by Microsoft’s SharePoint server, and a standard feature of any Office 365 package, OneDrive allows users to store and share documents with colleagues easily.
The biggest benefit of OneDrive is its seamless integration. It’s designed for ease of use with Windows and the Office 365 suite of programs and applications, and it couldn’t be simpler to open and edit documents, syncing all changes (from multiple users) to one single place.
Documents open directly in your browser with Microsoft Word for example, seamlessly downloading the exact document, with no copy and pasting, converting or re-formatting required, unlike other cloud-sharing software.
Plus with real time collaboration and synchronisation, working jointly with colleagues on a document is hassle free.
It outperforms other cloud sharing software too because:

  • Business users get 10GB file size uploads and 1TB of storage space (soon to become unlimited) per each user
  • There’s full integration across all devices and software (including Macs and iPhones)
  • Documents are secured with PFS encryption and two-factor authentication
  • It’s extremely cost efficient on a per user basis

You can get OneDrive as a standalone feature, similar to Google Drive, DropBox and a variety of other file sharing apps. But for cost efficiency, and the reason why it’s such a great option, OneDrive comes as part of the Office 365 suite, making the package even more valuable.
The Additional Benefits of SharePoint
Microsoft SharePoint, which incorporates OneDrive, offers businesses a whole host of additional uses too, including:

  • A content management system
  • Team and project planning with task assignments
  • Intranet and internal social network
  • And the option to share controlled information with customers

There’s also a large selection of apps for use with SharePoint, to further assist with management, organisation and content creation; from authorising employee leave and saving internet citations, to adding sketches & diagrams and creating electronic signatures.
On top of that, there are plenty of management options, so you can change the controls as and when required to meet any compliance rules in your business, and only allow access to those staff who have the authority to edit and amend.
Easy Steps To Sharing
Sharing documents with co-workers from programs like Microsoft Word is simple.
Simply open the document and click:
File > Share > Invite People
Then you can just enter the names or email addresses of those you want to share the document with, and change the editing controls if required.
You can save directly to OneDrive by clicking:
File > Share > Save To Cloud
And with Office 365, you can share documents via OneDrive directly from Outlook by attaching a file with OneDrive, which offers users a preview of the file without sending the full attachment.
If your business is not already working with OneDrive, SharePoint and Office 365, upgrading is simple. At Paralogic, we specialise in helping businesses identify the right Office 365 plan for their company, and upgrading is easy.
We’ll take care of all the migration for you, and be on hand for any technical requirements if you need us. Just get in touch with us today by filling in the form on the right, or visiting our Talk to Us page, and start sharing documents with colleagues!
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