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office CloudWe recommend Microsoft Office 365 to many of our clients because we know that their business will reap the rewards of its many benefits. Benefits like reduced costs, better reliability, improved productivity and robust security.
However, once migrated, how do you get the most from the software’s cloud features?
In this post we are going to take a closer look at how you can ensure your business benefits from Office 365’s Cloud Features as soon as you have installed it.

Access from anywhere

Whether you’re on the train, at home, in the office or even abroad, you have complete access to your data whenever you want with Office 365.
To take advantage of this, make sure you utilise SharePoint Online. This allows you to set up and assign security permissions to individual files i.e. who from your company can view the document and who can edit.
This is a great feature if you have team members out of the office on client meetings and need to update the team on client feedback; they can edit current proposals or strategy audits and give colleagues immediate access to any updates and recommendations.

Improving organisation

Office 365 gives you 1 TB of personal document storage – use it!
This software not only improves organisation and ensures your files are securely stored, but also means you have access to the latest versions of important documents.
In the past, you may have edited a document you received via email or found saved to your computer’s drive, and then found out it wasn’t the latest edit.
Make the most of cloud storage by storing all your work here and it will improve efficiency and productivity all round.


The convenience of being able to collaborate on files with colleagues even if you’re not in the same country is a great development for businesses.
Again, to get the most of this feature, utilise SharePoint; no need to worry about versioning the file or even duplicating the work as you have to check out all documents in order to edit. You can make your changes confidently, and then colleagues can review – simple and effective – no need for emails back and forth.

Stay on top of your diary

There’s nothing more frustrating than booking in a meeting and making a note of the time, location and attendees, and then forgetting to add it to your calendar. It happens to us all – we bring our calendar up and immediately get distracted by a task that needs completing, a client call or another meeting.
However with Office 365, your tasks and meetings can be directly transferred from your to-do-list to your Outlook Calendar – simply flag them and give them a date!

Integrate your apps

Ever started a piece of work in the office, and then tried to finish it whilst at home to find you didn’t have the right applications?
To change this, take advantage of Office 365’s application management systems, such as Telemetry or Shared Computer Activation.

Professional presentations

You’re pitching to a new client, showcasing your ‘wins’ to the management team, or even running an interview – so you need to create a presentation, a web-based report or interactive induction document.
On top of your busy schedule, sometimes the last thing you want to do is spend hours putting together slides and finding imagery to make it visually stimulating, especially if you have to do it on your tablet or phone.
Office 365 was designed to make your life simpler – give you everything you need with less of the hassle. This includes Sway – a platform to simplify and speed up the creation of professional presentations.
So, next time you have a presentation to create, make sure you utilise Sway!
If you need more advice about effectively using Office 365’s cloud features, or you’re interested in a safe migration to this software, contact one of our experts on 01844 293330 or email us at
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