How long would it take to recover your data?

Assuming that you do backup your data – given that 60% of businesses only conduct sporadic backups of certain files, and 20% don’t backup at all – the next question you should be asking yourself is how long it would take to recover all of those files and information in the event of an emergency?
When you need it most, can your data recovery service deliver? Can you get a full system restored and operational with a minimum amount of downtime?

Relying on traditional backup methods

If you’re still using legacy backup systems like tapes or disks stored in external locations, then you’ll already know just how slow it can be to conduct a backup and ship off the hardware for storage.
Think about that length of time, and then contemplate how quickly you might be able to get files back onto your workstation.
Firstly, you’ll need your backup provider to locate the tapes or the disks and get them to your business. Once you have them, tapes have a slow write time and disks are labour intensive, so you could be waiting days before all your files, programs and system preferences are back to pre-disaster operating capability.
Both tapes and disks – and a number of backup systems – only copy individual files too, so system preferences, server information and general organisation are all lost. This can take days, weeks or even months to restore to your pre-disaster setup.
Storing a backup in the cloud doesn’t necessarily speed up the restoration process either. All those files are kept on an off-site server that you don’t have any control over. You’ll be limited by both your back up provider and your own bandwidth in terms of how fast you can transfer data back to your computer.

Avoiding downtime wherever possible

Research by the Aberdeen Group estimated that across all businesses and industries, downtime costs £101,210 per hour. That’s a lot of lost revenue if your computer or server should fail.
On average, businesses in the UK – small, medium and enterprise sizes – report three instances of downtime per year.  The average length of this downtime is 5 hours, but it generally takes most businesses over 12 hours to get back to normal operations.
That’s where having instant recovery makes such a difference. Our Recovery Server solution uses innovative technology to restore your full system from an on-site backup in minutes. Sometimes it only takes a few seconds – meaning you would hardly notice you’d even experienced any downtime.
By taking an image of your system for every backup rather than copying individual files, restoring all data and system preferences is simple and quick. A whole virtual server can be established from the on-site hardware in seconds. It also minimises the risk of any human error during the back up and recovery process.

But what if your backup is not recoverable?

It’s not uncommon for backup hard drives to fail. They only have a certain shelf life, and only so many hours of operational capability. It’s unlikely that you test your backup hard drive very often, but the one time you need it, you may find that the drive has failed and the data has been permanently lost.
What if you have the backup data on a working hard drive, but just cannot restore it? Backup processes generally feature lots of different moving functions, and every process has to complete correctly in order for the recovery of files to work. If something goes wrong, your backup is useless.
Recovery Server from Paralogic:

  • Ensures you have both a backup drive on-site that’s regularly checked, and a copy of data kept securely off-site too.
  • Provides instant screenshot verification to assure you that backups have been completed and can be successfully used for a reboot.

Not only do you know that recovery will be instantaneous, you’ll also rest assured that your business has a reliable backup solution available at all times – no matter what.
Get in touch with us today to find out more about protecting business continuity, minimising downtime and having an instant recovery service at your fingertips. Call us on 01844 293 330 or simply fill in the form on the right.
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