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Virtual WorkerBusiness disruption due to industrial action

Thankfully, wide-scale industrial action that impacts businesses is a lot rarer than it was in the days of the 1980s. Much industrial action is related to new technology or changes to working practice. Back then, the printing trade was one of those that underwent transformation as new print production processes came on-stream. In a futile bid to prevent the coal industry being dismantled, the miners’ strikes became notorious.

Today, the ongoing disputes at London Underground and Southern rail have caused widespread disruption to business and commerce in and around London and the South East. The Southern dispute has bitten particularly hard, causing people to quit jobs and cancel appointments for everything from business meetings to cancer treatment.

Paralogic Virtual Office: A true business enabler

However, businesses do not have to see their productivity hit simply because staff cannot get in to the office. A Paralogic Virtual Office solution provides a fully integrated online office infrastructure – wherever you are.

The benefits are not restricted to periods of industrial action. Whether you are faced with a situation where transport services are disrupted or not, the virtual office is a true business enabler that overcomes the problems of a workforce collaborating over a widely dispersed geography.

It is also offers strategic benefits that overlay very well with businesses at different phases in their development.

A Paralogic Virtual Office solution lets:

  • Expanding businesses put in solid foundations to support growth
  • Startups get off the ground with affordable tech that grows with you
  • Established, mature firms achieve better efficiency reduce costs

Delivered in partnership with Benemen and Microsoft

We partner with Benemen and Microsoft to deliver the Virtual Office. Benemen provides business-class, cloud-based telephony, conferencing and Unified Communications, maximising the availability of your staff. Linking this with Microsoft Office 365 enables geographic flexibility and improves productivity.

In combination, they form a powerful Virtual Office solution that simply empowers your business to do a better job of servicing your customers for reduced cost. A Paralogic Virtual Office enables you to accomplish this effectively and efficiently, while making sure your data and documents are safe and secure, at all times.

Technology for the way we work today from Paralogic

Paralogic Virtual Office delivers outstanding communications and productivity for the way we work today.
To get started with a Paralogic Virtual Office solution, just get in touch today. Simply fill in the form or call us on 01844 293 330.

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