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Virtual WorkerWith more businesses shifting to or considering cloud computing, you might be starting to ask yourself ‘is this the right move for me and my staff?’
You might be questioning how efficient a virtual office can actually be; is it not just an excuse for team members to stay in bed or blag an extra day off work?
Or you might even be confused about what its capabilities are; is it just a way of allowing staff to work from home?
The answer to both of those is no, but rather than simply list the pros and cons of cloud computing, we want to help your understanding with something you can relate to via a day in the life of a virtual office worker.

9am: Logs on and works from computer at home

The ability to host a virtual office has transformed the way businesses operate, and now you can access your data at anytime from anywhere.
For example, at 9am a virtual office worker can log on to their home desktop and access important projects that they need to complete that day. Whether it’s a presentation, proposal or a series of emails they need to respond to, with an Office 365 hosted desktop they will have all the necessary data and programs to hand 24/7, allowing them to complete and share projects whenever, wherever.

11am: Collaborates with colleagues

As well as being extremely accessible, your data is completely secure and properly backed up to an online server. Whether you’re sharing data with colleagues in different parts of the country or clients around the world, a virtual office gives you control of your security and offers unbeatable visibility and easy monitoring.
After completing work in the morning from home, this can now be safely shared with colleagues who can collaborate on this in real time, as if you were sat next to each other in the same office.

1pm: Video conference with client

There’s no need to battle traffic and waste value working time travelling to meetings, when you can conduct a 30 minute video conference from wherever you are; collect all the necessary data from the server and host it from home.
With Voice Over Internet Protocol, you can guarantee seamless communication and an easier way to host virtual meetings across the world.

2.30pm: Shares data with contacts

From responding to accounting questions, to direct communication with clients, emails are an essential part of any business and all staff should have access in working hours at least.
Downloading Office 365 to your mobile phone gives office workers even more freedom, accessing urgent emails on the go or from home.
For instance, with features of a virtual office, you can respond to colleagues and clients quickly and easily even when travelling to and from work or meetings.

3.15pm Uses office computer

When shifting to a virtual office, you can customise the features to meet your personal business needs. Choose applications, frameworks and databases that are going to be most effective for you, including accounting, CRM and storage systems.

5pm: Schedules appointments on train using phone

As you can create, contribute, share and collaborate on data from any synced device, you can keep yourself and your colleagues organised by scheduling appointments, meetings and deadlines the night before on the way home from work.
Find out more about the key features of moving to a virtual office. If you think this could be the right move for your company and an effective change to implement, contact us today on 01844 293 330 to discuss your options and how you can get started.
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