3 ways to store business data in the cloud

Get the right cloud solution for your business

The cloud is now ubiquitous; for many businesses using Windows XP and locally installed MS Office productivity suite users, the next few months will see radical changes as they migrate to online services. For many Office 365 is the natural choice, however it is not the only option because Google claims 5 million businesses use Google Apps.
Whatever choices you are faced with, the overarching requirement is to ensure that you get the right cloud solution for your business. Storage is one of the key considerations when taking business computing online. Here are three different ways for storage to be provided online.

1.   Storage only

One key use of cloud computing resources is to use online services to store data. Internet giants Google and Microsoft lead the way, offering free and paid for storage services. For personal use, from both relatively low volumes of cloud storage is free. If we look at their business friendly offerings:
A Google Apps Business account provides up to 30GB free. Administrators can purchase Google Drive storage licences for additional storage space and assign the licences to users. Microsoft SkyDrive Pro offers 25GB to start and offers up to 100GB per user.
Many other companies offer cloud storage. Most online storage providers offer a similar ‘point and shoot’ capability, letting you sync local data to the cloud across multiple devices and servers.

2.   Web applications with cloud storage

For businesses seeking the best way to meet their application and data storage needs, Google and Microsoft both offer web applications with storage to provide complete productivity solutions. Smaller and expanding companies may find that such solutions provide excellent value.
Google Drive may be combined with Google Apps Gmail, Calendar, Docs (word processing) and Sheet (spread sheets) online productivity applications.
When coupled to Office 365, the online version of MS Office, Microsoft SkyDrive Pro offers business subscribers all the standard applications they need as well as email and storage.

3.   Private cloud storage

Specialist IT service providers are able to provider more personalised cloud services. Sometimes there may be a preference to store highly sensitive data or to assign the supply of critical services to specialised service providers. Such services provide clients with storage on or supply services from privately owned and managed infrastructure.
Larger businesses may wish to provision their own cloud services. This provides more control and may especially suit those with the toughest compliance criteria which govern requirements such as physical location of storage resources and the data on them. Specialist cloud service providers deploy cloud infrastructure for clients to operate privately.

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